District Attorney

Job Description

The Role of the District Attorney is as follows: To Investigate alleged crimes among law enforcement, file criminal charges and bring evidence before the Grand Jury, and to manage the prosecutor's office. The District Attorney will also advise Grand juries in matters of law, swear in and examine witnesses, and attend special sessions of circuit court held for the trial of the accused.

Education and Experience

Individuals seeking employment as a District Attorney must have completed four years of high school and four years of Undergraduate studies, receiving a high school diploma and Bachelor's degree respectively. Candidates must also have obtained a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from an ABA approved law school, and possess a license to practice law from their respective state upon applying for this position.


District Attorney positions in Texas are difficult to locate, mainly because District Attorneys usually keep their positions for about four years on average. However, the District Attorney's Office in Harris County is always accepting applications

Location:Opportunities for District Attorneys in Texas

District Attorney positions are few and far between-these jobs are very difficult to find and even harder to obtain, while Assistant District Attorney positions are more readily available

Starting/Advancing Salaries and Career Advancement

General Pay for a District Attorney is around $50,287. However, salaries can range from $44,547 to $176,261. District Attorneys have the opportunity to advance towards Attorney General or even become a judge if they choose.

Fun Facts

The First African American District Attorney in Texas was Craig Watkins

Clara S. Foltz was the first Female District Attorney in the United States