Emergengy mangment Director

Jennifer 8th hour

5 tasks

* Collaborate w/ other offcials to prepare & analyze damage assessments folloeing disasters or emergency.

* Train local groups in the prepation of long term plans that are compatible w/ federal & state plan.

* Design & administer emergency or disaster prepardness training courses that teach people how to efftivly respond to major emergencies & disaters.

* Apply for federal funding for emergency mangement relateed needs and adminster & report on the progress of such grants.

* Reveiw emergency plan individual organizations, such as medical facilities to ensure their adquacy.

5 conditions

* High responibility

* Medium exposure to job hazards

* Low reptiveness

* Level of Competion: High

* Medium time pressure

Training Necessary

Bachelors degree

Year salary in Tennessee

Between $31,320 to $119,550 a year.


Leadership & learning are indispensable to each other.