Ancient Chinese Warfare

By: L Johnson

Who was involved?

China's ancient military involved many people. They had soldiers, scientists, men with bow and arrows, as well as men on horseback. The scientists developed gun powder and thought it would make its user invincible.

What Weapons Were Involved?

Weapons such as the crossbow, flame thrower, and gun powder evolved China's weaponry. They later developed the land mine, hand grenade, arrow launcher, smoke screens, and the gun. The arrow launcher could launch as many as 300 flaming arrows at one time.

Why Were These Weapons Made?

These weapons were made to protect the people of China, claim new territory, as well as fight against the Mongols in the north.
Ancient China: Warfare

Were Did This Take Place?

Some wars took place in China but they also took place outside of the country. One of the most famous battles took place in Japan.