Blindside Blitz

By: David Halecroft

By: Kaden Kozicke


The book I am reading is called “Blindside Blitz” by David Halecroft. The book takes place in Atlanta, Georgia at the Panthers football field, some of the character's houses, and the hospital. The conflict in the book is when the Panthers are in the final seconds left in a pre-season game against the Anderson Tigers. Jessie, the Panthers quarterback gets tackled by a sail of Anderson defenders. Everyone gets up besides Jessie. As he just lied on the cold, frosty ground while the crowd was silent. The medical staff rush him to the hospital. Meanwhile at the game, star running back Matt has to take over for quarterback. Matt doesn't want to play quarterback, and he knows absolutely nothing. Matt loves to play running back, and doesn't want to play QB. But he seems to pick up some information from Jessie and gets significantly better. Matt then leads the Panthers to the playoffs. While Jessie has a broken ankle, he is cleared to comeback during the playoffs and take back his QB spot. But when Matt gets hurt in the game prior to the championship game, Jessie has to take over for quarterback. For a quarterback who hasn't practiced for most of the season, he finished off the game with a win and was headed to the championship game against the team who broke Jessie's ankle...The Anderson Tigers. Let the game begin.....Overall, I thought this was a good, interesting book and well worth reading.


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The theme in "Blindside Blitz" is hardwork and determination pays off because Matt didn't want to play QB, but he knew that if he wanted to get the Panthers to the championship game, Matt knew he'd have to try his best at everything. That's exactly what Matt did, because he led the Panthers to the championship game.


The setting in "Blindside Blitz" takes place mainly at the Panthers and Anderson Tigers football fields, but transitions to places such as the hospital and Matt' house. The setting effects the story because the main events fit in with the conflict or resolution.


The conflict in "Blindside Blitz" is when the star quarterback Jessie breaks his ankle in a late hit during a pre-season game against the Anderson Tigers. Jessie wouldn't return until the playoffs if the Panthers make it. The Panthers have to find a new quarterback to lead the team. The Panthers chose Matt, the star running back for the team to be the new starting quarterback. But there was a problem. Matt didn't know anything about quarterback. All he knew was how to play running back.


The exposition in the story starts out in the middle of the Panthers vs. Tigers game. It was one of the last plays, and Jessie gets hurt. A late hit from an Anderson defender sent Jessie flying to the ground. The book then transitions to the next day at practice. Coach is telling the team that Jessie has a broken ankle and will not return for the rest of the season or if we make it to the playoffs he could possible return. Meanwhile, then they have to choose the next quarterback to take over Jessie. The running back, Matt has been chosen. But Matt knows nothing about quarterback, and has a big season ahead of him for running back and has to give that up.

Rising Action

The rising action in the book is when Matt has to take over QB for Jessie. Matt makes a lot of mistakes, but never gives up. He always tries harder each play to get his team to the championship game. Matt leads the Panthers to the playoffs right as Jessie is cleared to come back and play. The coach tells Jessie that he has to give Matt some time as starter quarterback. On the last play of the game to go to the championship, Matt dropped back, and threw the ball right away to the wide receiver as Matt gets drilled by a defender. The wide receiver caught the ball and ran to the sidelines to end the game. Every player got up and cheered. Except for Matt. As he lies there on his back.


The climax in the story is when Matt gets hurt on the last play of the game to go to the championship game. Matt threw the ball and got stroked by a defender. He lied there after the game in pain. The doctor tells Matt that he has a broken rib, and will miss the championship game against the team who hurt Jessie. The Anderson Tigers. Now Jessie has to take over the Panthers, but the Panthers have to get back used to Jessie, while Jessie has to get back used to playing quarterback, in the most important game of the season.


Some characterization in the book is when the author describes Matt and his thoughts, feelings, and actions about missing the championship game against the Anderson Tigers.

"I really don't want to miss the game, I feel like I need to be there."

Matt gets mad because he is missing out of the biggest game of the season that he led his team to. Matt was unable to attend the game because he can't walk, but somehow finds a way to get out of the hospital and watch his team.

This is characterization because it describes the characters feelings, thoughts and actions.

Point Of View

The point of view in "Blindside Blitz" is 3rd person omniscient. Some examples from to book are:

"Matt didn't want to give up running back. He didn't want to play quarterback, he knew nothing about it. Jessie never wanted to give up his season for quarterback by getting hurt, that play should have never happened if Anderson could control themselves. He wanted this season to be the Panthers season.

The sentence shows the thoughts and feelings of all the characters.

Figuritave Language

Some figurative language in the book is when the author compares Matt to Jessie at quarterback.

"Matt can run the ball very well, but can not pass as good as Jessie."

"Jessie can scramble like a rabbit, and on the other hand, Matt scrambles like a turtle in a race."

This is a simile because the comparison uses the words "like" or "as".