Crook County Wrestling

Crook County Achieving great things

Making a change

Crook County wrestling has bean making them selves known. Crook County is now ranked First in there OSAA bracket. The team took the first place spot from marsfield after beating them 38-32. But the high school isn't he only group that is achieving great things they also have the middle school preparing for there turn on the high school team.

In It To Win It

Middle schools drive for greatness

The middle school wrestling team has been at a good start of there year the team went to the church hill duels and took third place they also went to the pilot butte duels and took second. Haydn Hilderbrand a wrestler for crook county middle school says "his team is among the best and we strive for greatness. We also have some of the best coaches and wrestlers in our program." The wrestling team will be holding the 2016 districts tournament. The team took first place last year and are looking to do it again.