My trip to Washington D.C.


The Vietnam Memorial wall

This Memorial was made to Honor those who lost their lives in Vietnam , like the korea memorial this memorial is also a wall .

The Korea memorial

Made to remember all those who were lost in korea
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The tomb of the unknown soldier

This tomb was given to a soldier during WW1 , he had no identity and was given a special tomb in Arlington.
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The Mast of the USS Maine

This is a memorial for all who died on the USS Maine , as it blew up in 1898.
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The Kennedy grave site

This particular tomb in Arlington is for our fallen president JFK , who has a seemingly never ending flame in honor of him
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The white house

The white house was made completed in the year 1800 and is the home of our current president Barack Obama

Many uses of the white house: Control center , home of the president

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The grave site of Audie Murphy

This grave is for Audie Murphy whom at the time was the most decorated soldier of WW2.
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Challenger rocket memorial plaque

This plaque in Arlington is dedicated to the 7 brave souls who lost their lives when the shuttle launched and exploded in '86

The national zoo

The National zoo is in Washington D.C. Of the animals there are i will be listing the big cats , Bison , frogs / reptiles and invertebrates , My favorite of all the animals is the salt water croc

The cruise

The cruise overall was pretty cool , much like the one from my sixth grade year . I personally don't dance . The view of the river was great and I quite enjoyed it. The dinner Was ok I don't feel to strongly one way or another about it .