September Oakland Owls Newsletter

September. 2022

Monthly Message from Mr. LaFrance

Welcome Back Oakland students, families, and friends!

We are so excited to get this school year started. The first few weeks have been such a blessing for me as I watch over 450 students enter the school in a way that I haven’t been able to see in a few years. Their joy and enthusiasm is priceless and is one of the reasons why working inside a school is the greatest profession there is. The teachers have created a classroom environment and school environment that is engaging and beautiful. Students are connected and learning! This year we have so much to be thankful for as we invite families into our schools for the first time in years.

Here are a few ways to get the most out of this exciting school year.

  1. Create opportunities to connect with peers. As we get back to school it's important for our kids to get to know others kids. After being isolated for a while I have noticed the struggle kids and adults can have connecting with others. We offer a variety of times you can bring your child to connect with peers. This is also an opportunity for adults to connect. We need it too. Talk with other parents at the bus stop, car pool, sign up as a room parent, come to PTO meetings. We all need to connect again.

  2. Make sleep a priority. I see many adults and kids come to school sleep deprived. I’m guilty myself. Our lack of sleep impacts our attendance, concentration, and behaviors. The more sleep we get the more we like school or our jobs. Staying up too late on screens is not healthy for any of us.

  3. Provide reading support. Reading impacts everything. Tutoring, encouraging, and practicing reading by listening to your child read or reading to them is a daily habit that can help children be successful down the road. Early reading and being read to is critical!

  4. Support each other in family challenges. When life is unsettled like it has been for a while it is important to lean on each other. Encourage each other. Connect with each other. We can’t live and do life in silos. Oakland Elementary School and its staff are committed to helping your child and family succeed no matter what.

Oakland staff is excited and ready for a great school year. Together we need to make the most of our moments and build meaningful relationships built on trust. We want to partner with you to find the joys and provide resources to help each child grow. One resource of the many I need to use with my three children: Jackson (11), Marshall (7), and Gianna (3), is the tool Conscious Discipline for Parents. (Click the link to learn more.) As a school we are continually sharpening our teaching and learning by staying current on best practices to help students grow in their academic, social, and emotional resilience. This will be an additional tool to support all staff.

I look forward to an amazing year and getting to know your children and you all as families.

In partnership,

Mr. LaFrance

Nurse's Corner

Hello, Welcome to Oakland School.

My name is Colleen Spaniol, and the kids know me as Nurse Colleen. I have been here at Oakland school for the past 16 years. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email me: Nurse Colleen @ 309-662-4302 or

New Medication Authorization forms and Diet Modification forms need to be completed by parent/guardian and doctor every year. They can be found on the D87 website, under useful forms.

  • If your child has Asthma, please make sure to bring your students inhalers.

  • If your student has a food allergy make sure to complete a food allergy form.

I will start Vision and Hearing Screenings beginning in September.

Kindergarteners or students entering an Illinois school for the first time need to turn in an

eye exam completed by an eye doctor, by October 15th. Students may be excluded from school if not turned in.

Students who have a fever of 100 degrees or above, diarrhea, a contagious rash or illness, or vomiting should not attend school. They should be free of the illness or condition for 24 hours before returning to school. If your student is positive for covid, let the school know and keep them home for 5 days. They may return on day 6. We encourage them to wear a mask upon returning for the next 5 days.

Have a Great Day,

Nurse Colleen

Work of Art

Mrs. Geggus posts artwork by students on instagram. Scan QR code to follow. Or find her page @oakland_artists.

Library News


The LMC is looking for a few volunteers this year. Please let us know if you are interested in joining our team by emailing Mrs. Martin at

Book Checkout

Students will check out books each week beginning in September. Students need to return their library book on or before their class day in order to check out a new book. If a book is lost or damaged please email Mrs. Martin for replacement cost information.

Overdue notices will be sent home periodically throughout the quarter. See the class schedule below.


Nord- Wednesday

Hornbacker- Friday

Kirk- Monday

Meadors- Tuesday

First Grade

Merna- Monday

Heinonen- Wednesday

Schrift- Friday

Kalitzky- Tuesday

Second Grade

Malisia- Wednesday

Morton- Thursday

Wolfe- Monday

Prahl- Friday

Third Grade

Dossett- Tuesday

Gray- Thursday

Alfeo- Thursday

Fourth Grade

Cook- Monday

Michaels- Wednesday

Conroy- Friday

Fifth Grade

Stanek- Thursday

Oberts- Monday

Hiles- Tuesday

P.E. Press

Golden Ticket Target

School is back in session! Our Golden Ticket Target this month is First Time Listening. Here at school we are challenging our students to follow directions the first time their teacher asks. This helps the teacher avoid repeating the directions multiple times, helps keep students safe, and helps the students stay on schedule for the day.

We know that having students listen the first time at home can be a challenge too. Here are some tips that may help you at home.

Eye contact - Get on Their Level

Make sure your child knows you are giving them a direction. Make eye contact with them and/or get down to their level when telling them the direction.

Use Less Words

Depending on their age, try only giving one direction at a time. Instead of “put on your shoes, get your backpack, and put on your coat,” try delivering one instruction at a time. Once the first task is done, move on to the next.

Say Thank You In Advance

Saying thank you before the instruction helps encourage compliance and good behavior. “Thank you for putting on your shoes so we can be on time for school.”

Praise Them!

When your child completes their task on the first time, praise them for their great listening and express how it makes you happy. “Thank you for taking out the trash. It really helps the family by keeping the house clean.”

Student Attendance

  • All student absences should be reported to the office by 9:30am on the day of the student's absence. The phone number for the school is (309)662-4302. State law requires schools and parents to attempt to contact each other when a child is absent. Please assist us by calling first. You can also report a student absence by sending an email to
  • For students that are tardy or leaving early, the student sign-in/sign-out slips are now located in the office- See Mrs. Immke.
  • If it is after 9:00, DO NOT let your child out of the car at side circle. Pull around to the front of the school to sign your child in.

September Calendar

5 – No School!

9 – 100 Caring Adults

12 – 3rd Grade Field Trip – David Davis Mansion

13 – PTO Dine to Donate (Portillo’s) 4-8 PM

22 – 1st Grade Field Trip – Alice in Wonderland

23 – Picture Day!

23 – 2nd Grade Field Trip – Alice in Wonderland

23 – PTO Iron Coyote- 6-8 PM Buy tickets here

26 - No School!

28 – 1st Grade Field Trip – Rader Farms