The Book Break

O. Henry's At-Home Library Newsletter (Week of April 13th)

Library News update

It's Poetry Month!

There's not a better way to kick off Poetry Month than with a love poem. And let's be honest, I know some of you are missing your loved ones and crushes from school. Here are a couple of resources you can use to create love poems to send off:

1. Download Poet Assistant on iOS or Android. This app works offline, provides a rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, a regular dictionary, and an area to create your own love poem (all with no ads).

2. Try out Word Mover (also downloadable via iOS or Android) which contains 5-word banks where users can move around the words to create poems, quotes, or riddles.

If you'd be willing to share any of your love poems created, feel free to send them to me via Blend messages or in an email. I'd love to feature them in the newsletter. I will keep them anonymous.

Book Clubbers and Book trailers

Check out these awesome book trailers some of my book clubbers made this week of their favorite reads since the quarantine. Click on the "book trailers" button below.

Accessing books

We have tons of ebooks, audiobooks, and graphic novels that can be accessed from the comfort of your home. Please see the ebooks subtab under READING via the O. Henry Library website: You can also check out the Reading Resources module in the Library Blend Course.

Questions or Comments?

Feel free to email me with any comments/questions/concerns you have regarding all things library. I'm here to help and will be checking email frequently. You can also message me in the Library Blend course as well.

Happy Reading!

-Ms. Cross