Poetry Analysis

By: Lauren Hose


Have you ever just spent some time thinking about nature? Well the two poems that I read make you really think about nature. The poems "Sleeping In The Forest" By: Mary Oliver, and "Problems With Hurricanes" By: Victor Hernandez Cruz, are two poems that compare nature to many thing and create very vivid pictures in your head. The authors use things like structure word choice and figurative language to do so.

Word Choice & Tone

The poem "Problems With Hurricanes"conveys its meaning very easily. In a few lines you know that his message is, that even the pretty things in life can be dangerous and you know this because of the word choice that he used. In lines 9-13 the poet says " How would your family feel if / you got killed by a flying banana. When Hernandez wrote this poem he had a serious tone but still made it somewhat interesting.

On the other hand "Sleeping in the Forest's" message was a little more complicated. I think that the message Oliver was trying to show the difference between living and dying. In line 16-18 the poet says " By morning I had vanished at least a dozen time into something better. This really makes you think about if by something better meant she had gone to a better place or if her life was just in a better state now. Mary Oliver used very vivid word choice mixed with a serious tone to create the complicated meaning in these poems.

Figurative Language

Both of these poems use quite a bit of figurative language in them to help you really picture it in your head. In the first poem "Problems with Hurricanes" Cruz uses a lot of imagery to help convey a picture. For example in lines 22-24 it says that "a plantain hitting your temple at 70 mph is the ultimate disgrace.'' This really helps you to imagine a plantain literally hitting someone in the head and killing them.

The poem "Sleeping in the Forest" on the other hand uses more similes and metaphors to help you "see" the poem better. In lines 5-7 the poet says "I slept as never before a stone on the riverbed." Those lines really allow me to see in my head a women asleep that is so one with nature that nothing could wake her.

Form and Structure

Neither of these poems have anything special about the way that their written. They aren't written to look something in particular. But, both of the poems are free verse. Also in "Sleeping in the Forest" the poems is written in one stanza rather than multiple like "Problems with Hurricanes" has. Which may or may not contribute to some type of meaning. Lastly, both of the poems has a mix of short and long lines.


In conclusion you can see why these two poems really make you stop and think about nature. The two authors Mary Oliver and Victor Hernandez Cruz convey their perspectives towards nature in very different but unique ways. I think that the poem "Sleeping in the forest" is about life and death. I believe that the other poem "Problems with hurricanes" is more about how even beautiful thing can cause danger.