By: Aidan Hinson


First off,everyone is a expert at something and I am an expert at baseball.I know all the right techniques, all the positions, and all the equipment.
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First off, the position.There is an infield and an outfield.There are 6 positions in the infield and 3 in the outfield . In the infield there is 3rd,2nd, and 1st base.Then there's short stop, pitcher and catcher.And in the outfield there is center,left, and right.And they all have jobs. But their number 1 priority is to 3 outs.
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Moving along, equipment.Your equipment is very important in baseball.Your glove helps you ground balls.Hat blocks off the sun,cleats give you traction, baseball pants help you slide.Bat helps you hit the ball and batting gloves help you have a good grip.Bag helps you carry your stuff,helmet protects you from wild pitches.Catching gear protects the catcher from pitches from the pitcher.
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However, technique is the most important thing. Sometimes doing the wrong technique can hurt you but doing the right technique can make you better.How you field a ball is, when it gets hit to you you have to make sure you are crouched down in front of the ball. Then take a step with your right foot, then with your left. Make sure your glove is down, with your other hand above your glove so in case it takes a bad bounce you can protect yourself from getting hit somewhere.Make sure glove is out in front of you, but on the ground, then field the ball in your glove.Use your other hand to take the ball out of your glove, stand up take a step with your right foot then your left.But at the turn your hips so the side of your body is facing first base.Pull the ball back step and throw it to first base.I don't do it perfect every time but I rarely mess up.
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To sum it all up baseball is just the best sport ever.To be able to play baseball you need to have good technique, equipment, and know all the positions you could play. I play baseball and trust me, it is the best sport ever! Wouldn't you want to play baseball?
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