Jane Ball Happenings

Week of Dec 7- Dec. 11

Shout Outs

Huge shout outs to Mallorie Julian and her first successful Jane Ball Holiday Program. Job well done!

Special thanks to all the grade 1 and grade 2 teachers for helping with the program.

Thank you to Kara, Kayla, Lisa, Julie, Danielle, CeCe and our wonderful custodians, Beth and Jackie for helping with Friday Night Live! We had over 1/2 the school in attendance!!!!!

Thank you to Haley Mandernach for taking the families to MSI in Chicago on Saturday!

What's Happening next week!

Monday Dec. 7

Santa's Secret Shop

Personal PD Day

9:30-10:15 Grade 5 Data Talks

10:15-11 Grade 4 Data Talks

11-11:45 Grade 3 Data Talks

Tuesday Dec. 8

8:00 RTI Library

8:30 Grade 5 Mapping with Mary (ALL DAY)

1:00 504 Conference

6:00 pm Board Meeting

Wednesday Dec. 9

8:00 Team Meetings

8:30-3:00 Grade 4 Mapping with Mary (ALL DAY)

3:30 PTO meeting

Thursday Dec. 10

8:00 Safety Meeting

8:30-3:00 Grade 1 Mapping with Mary (ALL DAY)

1:10 Case Conference

Friday Dec. 11

8:00 Grades 3-5 Library STEM with Bea

Grades K-2 and specials Nonverbal cards with Regina Science Lab

6:00 Knights of Columbus Staff Christmas Party

Testing Updates

Benchmarks K DUE Dec. 18

Jan 4-14 Benchmark testing (tier 2 and tier 3 students ELEMENTARY)

Jan 11-Feb 26 WIDA Assessment

Jan. 19-29 Star 360 Testing (all grades)