Unit Six

Weekend Resources

As you work on your drafts, please know I am here to help and support you. Please email or call. My cell is 754.223.9621 and email is lteitler@kaplan.edu.

To assist, I included some of the seminar slides that you asked about along with some other resources.

The Paper's Structure

The Introduction - the first paragraph

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Thesis Check

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Body Paragraphs

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The Body Paragraph - PIE approach

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The Conclusion - The Final Paragraph

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Use this KUWC resource to help you with introductions and conclusions

Third Person Only

Here are two ways you can scan your paper for the use of first and/ or second person:

Choice 1:
1. Click File
2. Click Options
3. Under "When Correcting Spelling and Grammar in Word" click all then select Grammar and Style
4. Click Settings
5. Check all applicable boxes (I check all of them)
6. Click OK for Settings then OK for Proofing

Choice 2:
I also suggest the find function after drafting to check for I, me, my, we, you, our, your, us so you do not worry too much during drafting, but can self-correct.

Use this KUWC Resource to help you with formal and informal writing

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