ADHD Educational Methods

Instructional Tools and Physical Learning Environment


Special instructional tools that modify the classroom learning environment to accommodate students with ADHD are often used by skilled teachers. Tools such as the ones listed below are very helpful to the teachers monitoring the learning environments.

Other Examples:

  • Music.
    "Play music to show children that they are too noisy.Also, Playing different types of music communicates to children what level of activity is appropriate for a particular lesson. For example, play quiet classical music for quiet activities done independently and jazz for active group activities. "

  • Proper use of furniture.
    "The desk and chair used by children with ADHD need to be the right size; if they are not, the child will be more inclined to squirm and fidget. A general rule of thumb is that a child should be able to put his or her elbows on the surface of the desk and have his or her chin fit comfortably in the palm of the hand"

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