The middle age s finest

Joan of Arc, King John, and William the conqueror

Joan of Arc

Detail of an illuminated manuscript (about the 1400's) by an unknown artist; Archives Nationales, Paris (The Granger Collection)

Biographical Information

*Born: c. 1412 Domremy, France  ;*Died:  May 30, 1431 in Rouen,  France  ;*French saint. Leadership. Loyalty. Strength. Kindness.  ;*also known as the maid of Orleans ;*she established her authority through her urgent sincerity ;*she never learned to read or write ;

Memorable Moments

-in order for the king to believe that joan had special powers, he disguised himself as a peasant to see if she could tell who he was.  He had known that she doesn’t know what he looks like but she quickly identified him.  He didn’t fully believe her until she told him exactly what he asked of god when he was praying alone   ;    Joan also helped Charles VII be crowned king of England   ;    by the age of 13 she heard voices and saw things. She truly believed that it was god speaking to her. She believed that god spoke to her through certain visions   ;    she was sentanced to death, not becuase of everything that she had done but because she wore pants and women of that time were not allowed to wear pants. she was burned on a stake        


Joan of arc was very important to the French; she helped defeat England in many battles that she led. That was one of her most significant accomplishments. She also influenced many. She was a great leader who didn’t put up with anything that didn’t do justly to god (like cursing, raping, etc.) she also had to make many important decisions in war too and she amde very good ones.


“I would rather die than do something which I know to be a sin, or to be against God's will.”      -Joan of Arc

King John

                                                   An engraving made of King John

Biographical INFORMATION

Born on christmas eve 1167   ;   ruled from 1199-1216   ;    lived in and ruled England   ;       He was not a good ruler. He was greedy, a poor administrator, and a poor warrior, which made him greatly disliked by many   ;      His Barons did not like him because he trusted his foreign servants more than them   ;    he died October 18 due to over-indulgence    

Memorable moments

He was one of the first people to sign the Magna Carta but it lasted less than three months   ;     Because of his death, Henry II and his sons won and lost the empire which saved the kingdom of England   ;     Although King John had achieved a number of military battles, he gained many enemy’s among his nobles   ;    During the Winter and Spring of 1215-1216, John defeated his enemy in their northern stronghold  


King John was very important and should be remembered because even though the Magna Carta  did not settle the conflict between him and his barons, it soon came to be regarded as the foundation of English constitutional law   ;     His most important decision was signing the Magna Carta because that meant that not he could not collect taxes from nobles without their consent, can’t take someone’s property without paying them, and he had to obey the English laws just like everybody else


"Mad world! mad kings! mad composition!"      -King John

William the Conqueror

This detailfrom the Bayeux Tapestry shows William the Conqueror and his army attacking Dinan

Biographical information

born in Falaise, France 1027   ;    he ruled England from 1066-1087   ;    He changed his name to William the Conqueror after he conquered England and the Anglo-Saxons   ;    he maintained tight control over the government as king   ;    he was crowned king on Christmas day

Memorable moments

William made a hereditary claim to the Anglo-Saxon throne (Edward’s mother was a Norman) and invaded the island kingdom. He also won at Hastings that same year   ;    The battle of hasting:  took 10 months of his Norman knights to defeat the enemy   ;    He made a great ruler and maintained that by organizing his monarchy carefully   ;    He was injured during a surprise attack while the town was burning. He was alive after the injury for 5 weeks but died on September 9, 1087


William the Conqueror is a name that should be remembered because of how many great things he did during his ruling. He gained so much land, won many battles, and helped organize the government   ;    He shaped England’s feudal system so that the king has supreme power instead of the nobles   ;     The battle of hasting was his greatest accomplishment


"the rare case where the conqured is happy with the conqueror"      -William the Conqueror