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JANUARY 26, 2015

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This week our spotlight is on our friends Bryson and Denyn. Here are some fun and interesting things about them.


Bryson's birthday is on March 8. He has 2 sisters. Bryson's favorite color is green. His favorite food is Chinese. When he is not in school Bryson enjoys playing with his Wii. Bryson's best friend is Jordan. His favorite subject in school is Math, his favorite special is PE, and his favorite part of the school day is lunch. PE has been Bryson's favorite part of first grade so far. When he grows up Bryson wants to be a fire fighter because he wants to rescue people. Some of his friends describe Bryson as "cool", "awesome", and "nice" . We are so lucky to have Bryson in our class!


Denyn's birthday is on August 14. He has 1 sister. Denyn's favorite color is blue. His favorite food is pizza and tacos. When he is not in school Denyn enjoys swimming. Denyn's best friend is Zoe. His favorite subject in school is Reading and Math, his favorite special is PE, and his favorite part of the school day is recess. Our field trip has been Denyn's favorite part of first grade so far. When he grows up Denyn wants to be a teacher or a farmer because as a teacher he can be teaching in front of everybody and as a farmer he can take care of a lot of animals. Some of his friends describe Denyn as "sweet", "kind", and "fun". We are so lucky to have Denyn in our class!


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Healthy Plates are COLORFUL Plates

The more colorful our plate, the healthier it tends to be!


On Tuesday we will begin our Health Unit on Nutrition.
This week we will be learning all about:
  1. where our foods come from: ranch, farm, or orchard
  2. the different food groups: meat, grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy

We will take several mini quizzes throughout the unit when the information is fresh in the first graders mind. To prepare for the mini-quizzes this week please help your first grader distinguish where different foods come from (Mini Quiz on Wednesday).

  • Vegetation (crops) come from farms.
  • Animal products (hamburgers, pork chops, bacon, milk, eggs) come from ranches.
  • Fruits that grow on trees come from orchards.

In the past I've noticed that many first graders have a difficult time identifying foods for the different food groups (Mini Quiz next Monday 2/2).

How can you help?

  1. Ask your first grader what food group different foods belong to. What is an apple? meat, grain, vegetable, fruit, or dairy?
  2. Ask your first grader to tell you three foods that belong in each food group. **This is typically difficult for our first graders.

Please follow this link to the NC Essential Standards for specific details. Go to pages 20 - 22 for the following Standards:

1.NPA.2 Create strategies to consume a variety of nutrient-dense foods and beverages and to consume less nutrient-dense foods in moderation.

1.NPA.1 Understand MyPlate as a tool for selecting nutritious foods.

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Thank you in advance for sending in items we need for the classroom.
  • Items for our Treasure Box


  • Our class will visit the school library on Friday.
  • Please remember to send your first grader with a coat or jacket. Students need these for recess and outdoor PE days.
  • Please be sure to sign up for the FA inclement weather text alert system. See directions below. Closing and delay information will also be sent by email and will be posted on WRAL news. REMINDER: Franklin Academy will now utilize a one hour delay on inclement weather days.

    To subscribe to the new school-wide text messaging system. Please text: FACADEMY to 955-77. Standard text rates apply.



Some of the first graders completing their morning Project Wisdom Character Journal

January 2015