Eagle Eye E-News, December 15-19

Ebinport Elementary Faculty and Staff E-News

Ebinport's Vision Statement

Alongside families and our community, we are cultivating and nurturing lifelong learners to excel in an interdependent global society.

Thank you!

As I sit here in my office I am thinking about what the evening will hold for each of us. You see, the Ebinport Faculty and Staff Christmas Party is tonight and I can't wait! I think about each of you and how I know this will be a particularly special night because of how special each of you are! You each bring so much to this school, this building and these children. You give freely of yourselves without reservation. You make those whose lives you touch better and you make those around you strive to be better. You make a difference every single day! Thank you for all that you give and all that you are! Thank you for your support of this school, this community, these children and all those who enter this building. Thank you for challenging me, supporting me, loving me, encouraging me and serving alongside me! Thank you for the time away from your families and the long hours of lesson planning. Thank you for every snack you prepare, every paper you fold, every phone call you return. Thank you for teaching children to love to read, to think like scientist and to explore like mathematicians. Thank you, though it is simply said it is never a simple sentiment. Thank you for being here, being present, being ready! Thank you!



“Do You Want to Build a Snowman”

· Wear a white/off-white shirt (or make yourself look like a snowman) with your jeans.

  • Marco and Rhonda come to classes for a Holiday read aloud. Please come to the office to enjoy hot chocolate and cookies during this time.


“Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People”

· Wear a brown shirt with your jeans and throw in some reindeer antlers for fun!

  • Grade Level Meetings: Please have the article "Creating a Classroom where Readers Flourish" read for this meeting.
  • 3:00 Faculty Gathering in the media center to celebrate Holiday "Presents", Holiday "Food"ture, and possibly a guest from Holiday past.
  • 6:00 SIC Meeting
  • 7:00 PTO Meeting


“Love is an Open Door”

· Wear a red shirt with your jeans.

  • Birthday Table
  • 8:00 Holiday Book Give Away begins
  • 9:00-1:00 Students as Principal with Mrs. Kelsey
  • 2:45 DESSA Meeting with Mrs. Pundt, Mrs. VanderMolen, and Mrs. Pezzello and Mrs. Holliday.
  • 4:00 Yoga


“For the First Time in Forever”

· Let’s have a flashback to your favorite decade…that seems like forever ago! Wear an 80’s themed sweatshirt, pull out your favorite acid washed jean jacket from the early 90’s, or a super cool wide collar blouse from the 70’s to wear with your jeans! This will be like a “Throwback Thursday.”

  • Read 2 Succeed State Department Meeting held at EPES. This meeting will be in the conference room all day.
  • 8:00 Principal Network Meeting
  • 2:00 Rhonda at Facility Services Meeting


“Let it Go!”

· You can wear anything you would like with your jeans! (within reason of course)

  • F and P Summary Sheets due before leaving today
  • Please complete the holiday shut down checklist prior to leaving today.
  • Ebinport Food Pantry, sponsored by C180, workday!
  • 2:45 Cookie Exchange

LET IT GO! A very "FROZEN" holiday week!

Please read the attached flier for information regarding faculty and staff themed days beginning December 15. This includes days we can wear jeans!! A copy of this flier will be placed in the office!

Re-scheduling Our Dr. Pew Visit

The previously scheduled visit to EPES by Dr. Pew has been postponed until further notice. This was scheduled for Tuesday, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, Dr. Pew will reschedule with us after the holidays. As soon as I have this date I will let the staff know.

Report Cards

Although report cards do not go home until January 23rd (grades due January 16th by 1:00), teachers may enter information now. All teachers need to take note of the bullet points below.

  • K-2 teachers continue using F1. Teachers DO NOT click the submit button (where you see green check). Enter F and P and Instructional Level.
  • 3-5 teachers MUST change to Q2, enter F&P levels, and Instructional Level. Teachers WILL click the submit button (where you see green check).

ACT Aspire

All students in grades 3-5 will be taking the ACT Aspire state assessment test.
  • Students will take writing, English, reading, and math
  • Administered in paper/pencil format only during spring 2015
  • Timed tests (significant change for SC students)
  • Writing - 1 item - 30 minutes
    English - 32 items - 30 minutes Reading - 31 items - 60 minutes Math - 31 items - 55 minutes
  • Testing Dates: April 28-30th, 2015
  • Third grade will be the only grade level taking science on May 1

Science Kit Training

We need one teacher from each grade level to attend science kit training in January. Please send me the name of the teacher who will be attending for your grade level before leaving Dec. 9. The training schedule is below.

The schedule is as follows:

Jan. 8 4th Grade 8-11am

Jan. 8 5th Grade 12-3pm

Jan. 9 2nd Grade 8-11am

Jan. 9 3rd Grade 12-3pm

Jan. 12 5Kindergarten 8-11am

Jan. 12 1st Grade 12-3pm

We will arrange subs for these days.

ExamView Training

This week we met with Kristen Hahn and Chris Odom to continue our talk about common assessments. We looked at common assessments and discussed the use of ExamView as a resource for developing common assessments.

Please join Chris Odom on January 22 at 3:00 on the media center for ExamView training. He will be teaching us how to navigate this software and how to use it to create common assessments.

Thank you to technology committee for initiating this training!

Classroom Libraries

After grade level meetings this week it became painfully obvious that many teachers are in need of additional books for their classroom libraries. I have been in contact with Dr. Winslow and Cheer for Children. They have a library and have agreed to allow teachers to come and choose as many books as they would like to put in their classroom libraries! I would like to provide you release time to do this. So, Jan. 15 is a half day for students. Cheer for Children library will be open on this day until 1:00. In addition to a 1 hour lunch break on this day, please feel free to visit the Cheer for Children library to select books. He assures me they have plenty of books and would love for us to get these. His only request is that you bring your own box :)

In addition, between now and Christmas the library is open from 3:00-6:00 on Monday and Wednesday- we have been invited to come and get a book for each child to give them for the holiday season.

The library is located at 419 East Main Street.

I will continue to explore options we may have to get more books into our classroom libraries where they are needed. If you have additional needs please let me know!

Beautification Committee Notes



Committee Members: Melanie Hornsby, Jane Parrish, Amy Baker, Leigh Clarke, Jimmie Matthews, Marti Matthews, Linda Todd, and Sandra Thompson

Projects Works:

1. A memorial for Barbara Oertel - (This is a Brenda Keeling request.)

Plant a Windmill Palmetto Tree (near the Marsha Dozier Memorial Carolina Fence Garden) with a plaque in honor of Barbara’s work and dedication to our school. (Jane & Jimmy)

Up-date from Jimmy about the tree:

Tree in 7 gallon container = $75

Tree in 15 gallon container = $125

Group Consensus: We will plant the tree soon and have a ceremony honoring Barbara Oertel in the Spring (up-date from Jane)

2. Beautification Group - cleared out the small community room (room w/snack & soda machine) & emptied canned goods that had expired (from the food drive) so that cans can be recycled

3. School Grounds Clean-up Schedule to be presented for January:

Upper grade level students – 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders are to pick up litter from the school ground areas once a week (Jane & Sandra)

Academic Committee

Minutes from December 9, 2014

-Completed MAPS and F&P data correlation.

-Looked at trends and found that there appears to be a correlation between MAPS data and F&P data with a few outliers.

Sunshine Committee Notes

Friday night (12/12) – Christmas party will be 6:30-8:30.

**Sunshine Committee members - please try to be there by 6:00 to help set up and plan to stay afterwards to clean up. J

Sunshine Committee gifts -

-Christmas Gifts–

-Cafeteria – pecan pies

-Gene/Jimmy - $20(in a card)

-Sebastians - $40 Nishie G’s card

-Roger Brown - $25 Nishie G’s card

-Benny and Sadie - $15-Bojangle’s card & breakfast (coffee/muffin)

-Mr. William, Mr. & Mrs. Whitaker, Sadie – Nishie’s G dinner

Home Language Survey

If a student was flagged from your class as not having a Home Language Survey on file, please help us get these returned as soon as possible.