May Team Meeting Master Copy

May 15, 2019


  • State Wide Updates
    • STAR 360

    • Survey Reminders

    • YET & Intent to Re-Enroll

    • Enrichment

    • OSP

    • Curriculum Operations

    • English Learners

    • Student Support

    • High School

  • Graduation
  • End of Year Staff Party

State Wide Updates

STAR 360

STAR 360 window is now open. Please check the test completion status of all students and update this sheet with current information.


- It doesn't count if the student tests in the Fall, but not in the Spring

- We had 95% in January so we NEED to match that!

Responses Needed

We need more responses on the LCAP surveys!

Please encourage families to respond by May 15th.



Staff Surveys closed on May 13th.

YET Spreadsheet & Letter of Intent to Re-Enroll

YET - Yearly End Transition

  • Personalized Teacher Spreadsheet

  • “NEW” Letter of Intent columns & form letter included

  • Columns include: Tracks, Checking SIS, Temporary Withdrawal, Compliance, Report Cards, Testing, High School, Etc.

Letter of Intent to Re-Enroll

  • 3 Forms (A, B, & C)

  • Admin & RCs working on roll out

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Hold Student Account button

  • Summer Withdrawal - Use for students temporarily withdrawing for the summer

  • Permanent Withdrawal - Use for students withdrawing midyear

  • Non-returning students who are finishing out the school year: Please do not place a hold on their accounts (otherwise, pending or future orders will not be processed)

End of year ordering and returns

  • No cutoff deadline for ordering this year, but items should be used while students are enrolled w/ Inspire

    • Non-consumables - Items that could be reused by other students

    • Consumables - Items that are all used up or cannot be reused by another student

  • Where can items be returned?

    • Graduations & many end-of-year events

    • Inspire offices and lending libraries

    • Shipping labels can be requested for those who are unable to drop items off

    • Please be sure to have Enrichment returns form completely filled out, so that items can be checked in to the correct students’ accounts

  • Need list of inventory? Can print from student’s account or email enrichmentreturns@

Timeline & Tips for 2019/2020 orders

New students:
  • Receive EOS accounts on July 1st
  • Orders processed starting August 1st
  • Tip: If login information has not been received, check your EOS roster. If the student appears there, an account has been set up & the parent should use the reset password feature.
Returning students & their siblings:
  • Orders processed starting July 1st
  • Service orders for July - Before approving, please confirm with families that they plan to re-enroll w/ Inspire
Temporarily withdrawn students (for summer):
  • Orders processed September 3rd

Chaperone guidelines for field trips

  • 1 student enrolled - may purchase 1 chaperone field trip ticket
  • 2+ students enrolled - may purchase up to 2 chaperone tickets per household


Great news -- we were able to bring back Kids Discover Online and Prodigy as part of next year’s Online Subscription Package offerings. The OSP flyer has been updated -- please share this news with your families; they now have 23 options to choose from!

Main Program OSP Flyer

Preferred Vendor Program OSP Flyer

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we opt-in?

Returning students/families will be able to begin opting into the OSP from the Enrichment Ordering System (EOS) beginning in June. New students/families will have access to the EOS beginning in July and will be able to submit their opt-in preferences at that time.

When will the subscriptions be available?

For those who opt-in early, subscriptions will start being processed on August 15th. For those who opt-in after August 15th, subscriptions will be processed within 5-8 business days from the preference submission date.

Can I only sign up one of my kids for the OSP and share the subscriptions?

The OSP subscriptions are set-up for individual students. While there are a couple of subscription options that may be utilized for the entire family, the majority of subscriptions are per student and cannot be shared.

If you have any other questions regarding the OSP, please visit the OSP Handbook or email the OSP Team --
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When the parents of your 4th grader picked McGraw Hill? Your knees might have shook, a bead of sweat formed on your brow. You recalled a training call about setting up an account or something and something about a token. You weren't sure. Then you heard TK-8 books were delayed so now, you absolutely had to figure out that online token thing.

For Fall

  • Pick McGraw Hill (TK-8) course in the COS system. Then, you’re done! We’ll assign the online courses for any student enrolled in McGraw Hill (TK-8). We can likely do this for CPA and HQT TB as well.

  • Books are estimated to be shipped within 2 days for most requests and within 1 week for peak weeks

Adopted Curriculum Ordering for Fall is aimed to start in the First week of June.

English Learners

RFEP Monitoring Forms

  • May-July

  • The form AND teacher input are a legal, state requirement

  • Please return these forms by the deadline given in the email

EL Reclassification Forms

  • ELPAC scores expected “any day”

  • HSTs of students who qualify for reclassification will receive a form to complete

  • The form AND teacher input are a legal, state requirement

  • Please return to Lisa Mesa ASAP

Student Support - MTSS for 2019-2020

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High School

AG Science Labs Update

Inspire AG Science Lab Days have been a HUGE success!

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this happen this year!

We had 10 additional lab day teachers help meet the need.

We utilized over 25 classified staff members

  • Almost 70 Inspire lab days this semester.

    • For comparison, last year we had 45 lab days all year.

  • An additional 50 individual labs this semester with HSTs!

    • For comparison, last year we had less than 10.

We are almost there!

Locations and available seats are limited.

See HST Handbook 5.17

Note: Missed a lab day and didn’t release the seat?

Families are unable to change locations after the lab day has passed.

Please email Charlotte Zavadil to manually move student to another lab day.

In the subject line, please state: Missed Lab Day

Graduation & Promotion

Thursday, June 6, 2019 @ 2 pm

Sandals Church Hunter Park

Graduation Smore: HERE

All hands on deck! Please be prepared to be there from 12-5pm.

HST Job Assignments

Anyone need a nametag?

End of Year Staff Party

It’s that time of year again where we all get to come together and celebrate another awesome and successful year. We are so excited to see each of you at our upcoming End of the Year Staff Party and Potluck. We are going to have a wonderful time.

Where: Canyon Hills Community Park in Lake Elsinore

When: June 11@ 10:30AM

Who: Inspire Riverside Co Staff and Family

What: Splash Pad and Pot Luck

Please click Here to RSVP.

*Please note this party is for staff members and their personal children not our school kids.