The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

What will it take for a man to get off of a deserted island?


Daniel Defoe


The setting of the story,"The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe," takes place at the home of Mr. Crusoe, also known as the home of Robinson's father.


The timeline that Crusoe's adventurous adventure took place was during the middle seventeenth century or 1651 to be exact.


The main list of characters:

Robinson Crusoe

Mr. and Mrs. Crusoe

The Spainyards



Characteristics of Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe was a brave, young man. Why, this is what stranded him by accident. But after many years of being on that dreadful island, he began to grow older. But he always had a cheerful smile on his face, even on the baddest of days. He was also adventurous. Very adventurous. He pratically explored the whole island. While on the island he: fought off wild animals, battled malicious cannibals, and the biggest threat of all, loneliness, for twenty-four years.


I predict that Robinson will get off of the deserted island but only after many long and hard years. He gets rescued by a small group of men who accidentally came by the island and the people by mistake.
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