Poetry Cubes

Chloe, Luis, Lindsey, Elizabeth, & Rebecca

The adventures of Olly the Octopus

Olly is an octopus that was as happy as a clam at high tide

But one day he was walking and fell through a trap door ten feet wide!

It startled him to the point that he popped out an egg

And to his suprise it hatched a bird with a red dot on its head

And to make Olly's day more surprising than any other

Indiana Jones rode in on a dinosaur given to him by his mother

He cracked his whip,whip and then he nae nae

And he told Olly to how to change his day

He said if you drink from this cup

Everything will start looking up

But to his suprise again

There was a pill that poisoned him

And Olly was no more