By: Kaylin and Kieren

Judaism Religion

the Jews that are Judaism believe in a god and prophets, like the name of the god they believe in is name is Yahweh and the prophet is named Abraham. They learn all of this from a holy book they call the Hebrew Bible. people pray on Friday evening and Saturday evening. peopole follow gods laws, inculding 10 commandents. Justice to god is that all people are equal. People learn all of this in Synagogue. Did you know that boys or girls mitzvah at age 13, is now a full member of the congregation. Also some people only eat kosher food, no pork, selfish, or mixing milk and meat products. One of the main people that work at the Synagogue is Rabbi, a Rabbi is the teacher of Torah; guide. Orthodox, consecrations, and reformed are sects. Some holy days are Rosh Hashanah which is new years, fating starts. There is also Yom Kippur fasting ends, celebration. Passover is an angle of death "passed over" Hebrews who were in bodge in Egypt.