Ari Abrams


Who Wants to Visit the Netherlands?

Whether you want to relax on the beach of the North Sea, visit the sights of the Amsterdam streets, or visit one of the best chocolate factories in the world, Netherlands is the place to be. If you're ready to get you sweet tooth high, Netherlands is one of the biggest chocolate producers in Europe, producing tons of chocolate a year! Netherlands is giant on their soccer, or "voetbal". They even placed 2nd in the 2010 World Cup! Amsterdam, the capital, is an extremely lively city. If you visit don't forget to roam the streets of Amsterdam! The Dutch are big on meat, potatoes, fish, vegetables, and bread. Every April 30 Netherlands packs the streets of Amsterdam to celebrate Queens Day, a Dutch holiday where they celebrate their Queen Beatrix. I hope you consider visiting Netherlands now!
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This is Netherlands soccer team, which placed second at the most recent world cup!
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This is Netherlands flag. The flag represents the colors of King William the Third.


Netherlands currency is the Euro, as it is a member of the E.U. One Euro equals 1.35 of a U.S. dollar, so make sure you have enough!


Netherlands is a Constitutional Monarchy, which means they have a royal family with a king and a queen!


Most of the Netherlands citizens speak Dutch, which is Netherlands official language. Hallo means hello and afscheid means goodbye.


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