Empire Exlusive

The most recent, and important news!

Outdoors time!

Do you need time to relax? Do you need time AWAY from your children? Then come down to Eugene Forrest, where even the beetles are sunbathing on the shore. Our friendly park assistance team can help you with anything you need.

Live Long and Prosper

If you vote Caleb Urbani for Governor, Then you won't have to worry about mischievous little penny pinchers like Gaius Verres! He will rebuild uninhabited buildings!, He will decrease the crime!, so if you vote for Caleb Urbani, you won't regret it!


On march 15th, 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times by Servilius Casca on the lower steps of the Portico. This is quite a dramatic death, but a sad one for the roman people.

Visit Gaul and you won't be sorry!

If you go to Gaul, you wont regret it, with many many things to do such as strolling along the beautiful countryside, for the children they can go to the theater and watch the 5 plays we have planned for them, and much more! so, remember to come to Gaul!

Building proj. Highlight

The construction of the Colosseum is starting strong within the first month, having the base finished and they are now working on the chambers for the gladiators. More updates to come next month!

Plebeians opinion on tax raises.

The Plebeians are outraged at the tax rising by 30%!!!! Even I am outraged by this! Most of the Plebeians are going on strike until they get the taxes to lower, but be weary!, the officers are arresting anybody that they see protesting in the streets.