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November 2022 - Issue #53


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Veteran's Day 2022

Veteran's Day is a U.S. legal holiday dedicated to American veterans of all wars and celebrated on November 11.

Thanksgiving - November 24, 2022

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. Read on for more!

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Native American Heritage Month is celebrated to honor the remarkable Native Americans who have contributed a lot to improve the character of the nation. This month is also referred to as the American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month.

17 YA Books with Indigenous Representation

Reading works by Indigenous authors is something we should do all year long, so what better time than right now to add these titles to your to read list??

Teachers Corner

11 Great Videos To Teach Elections and Voting

Teach kids the ins and outs of this important civic right and responsibility with these 11 awesome election videos for learners from pre-K through high school.

20 Best Thanksgiving Videos for the Classroom

These Thanksgiving videos can help you share a variety of viewpoints with your students. Learn about the traditional stories and indigenous perspectives, plus find fun songs, facts, and read-alongs.

Free Comic Strip Templates: For World Language Classes

Provide students an opportunity to practice conversations while also giving them freedom to be creative, the template blanks provide numerous opportunities for variation.

Take A Virtual Museum Scavenger Hunt

Take a trip, virtually of course, to the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. Explore the incredible digital collection to complete virtual museum scavenger hunt.

The 19 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning Graphing

Find resources to give students experiential learning by creating their own line graphs, scatter plots, pie charts, and more. Every website on this site offers free services, with several providing optional upgrades.

Best History Websites for teachers

It’s been said that history will repeat itself if we don’t learn from it. It is important to give our students the tools and skills they need to look at the past from multiple perspectives. Here is a list of some of the best history websites!

45 Best Free and Paid Reading Websites for Kids

Fluent reading may be the most important skill anyone can master. Studies show it only takes 15 minutes of practice each day to build fluency, and these reading websites for kids can help.

Teachers Swear By These 8 Education Podcasts

From readers’ suggestions, we’ve curated a list of teacher podcasts that are everything but hokey, dry, or fake. Give these a listen and prepare to laugh, be inspired, and have your teacher mind blown wide open.

Places To Find A Good Book!

Find A Book in the LHS Virtual Library, Sora

Use your Google waffle to access Sora!

Epic Reads

Looking for your next great read? Check out Epic Reads. Includes Young Adult books from A to Z. Including videos, new releases, interviews, top lists and much more!

Peninsula Public Library

Take a peek at what is going on at the Library! Find a book for curb side pick up! Take a trip to a museum with free passes! Database access also available.Use your library card to borrow books using Sora or get free homework help from


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Something for Everyone

Learn to Type With These Typing Apps!

More than ever, typing is an essential part of learning. There are so many great typing apps for students that are engaging, interactive, and educational. Here is list for elementary, middle, and high school kids!

On This Day in History

Encyclopedia Britannica brings you this day in history. Check out the option to find out what happened in history on your birthday.

Secret Study Hacks

Studying doesn't have to be hard. In fact, there are plenty of simple methods that exist which simplify the entire process.

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November 2022 Issue #53