Bio-medical Engineers

By: Olivia Cunningham

What is a Bio-medical Engineer?

A bio-medical engineer is a career that combines engineering with the medical field. These people design and create artificial body parts and diagnostics machines.

What is the salary of a bio-engineer?

The median wage for a bio-medical engineers make $86,950 a year or $41.81 per hour. This means that half of the people in this occupation make more than this and half the people make less than this.

What are the work conditions?

Bio-medical engineers can work in many places including labs, hospitals, offices, and factories where the product is made. Usually they switch between these to test, make, and design the product.

What are the job responsibilities of a Bio medical Engineer?

A bio-medical engineers are responsible for creating, designing, and testing machines used in the medical field. They also program the software for these devices.

Is there a demand for the job in the future?

There is a demand for this job in the future because medical equipment is always changing and in need of upgrading. As technology gets better, the possibilities are raised for improvements in the medical field. Bio-medical engineers create theses changes.

What type of education is needed for this field of work?

To become a bio-medical engineer you need a bachelors degree in bio-medical engineering with a focus on engineering and biological science. Some of the recommended high school courses are chemistry, physics, biology, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.


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