Comedy of Errors

Fusion Cuisine

ISTE Standard 3

Research & Information Fluency
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Ingredients: Quadrant A

Teacher Does:
  • Identify & Discuss: play origin (Plautus)
  • Introduce Elizabethan England & Shakespeare

  • Students demonstrate understanding of historical background and the life and times of William Shakespeare (Kahoot: Relationship develop)

Mixing: Quadrant B

Student Work: Differentiation
  • Students work in groups to interpret background information
  • Begin demonstration using an app of choice (comic life, puzzle maker, story bird)

Cooking: Quadrant C

Student Think:
  • In groups: Analyze what their character wants in relationship to other characters in the scene and what causes them to want it.
  • Plan what scene they want to present

Dinner is served: Quadrant D

Student think and work:
  • Formulate their scene from the play
  • Create an adaptation of the scene