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Program Director: Janni Meierhoff

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Welcome to Edgerton JCPRD's Out of School Time (OST)

Please call, 913.893.9601 (office) or 913.961.8546 (cell), or email janni.meierhoff@jocogov.org to let us know that your child(ren) will not be attending JCPRD.

Dates to Remember:

Monday, September 7th-CLOSED, NO CARE Provided due to Labor Day

If you missed the Parent Orientation you can visit jcprdkids.com and read the Parent

Handbook online, please go over the Code of Conduct with your child(ren) that is in the handbook & below.


Participation in the program is a privilege, not a right. The ability of each participant to consistently practice positive life skills is essential to ongoing enrollment. The following set of non-negotiable standards for participation is designed to allow participants to self-regulate behavior. 1.) Respect the right of others to courtesy and personal space. 2.) Manage anger in appropriate ways. 3.) Respect and respond to adult authority. 4.) Accept differences among the group. 5.) Accept responsibility for own actions. These are reasonable expectations for any child participating in a group program setting. The actions of each individual influence the quality of participation for the entire group. Our goal is to facilitate successful participation for each child through the joint understanding, support, and practice of these positive life skills.
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Bring in Your ID

Please have your ID ready to show when picking up your child(ren). We know we will have returning students and parents but when we have subs and new staff, they will ask for your ID. This is for your child's protection, thank you for your support on this.


We have a new change when signing in and out your child(ren). Parents will need to continue to add the time you sign your child(ren) in and out, AND, you will also need to INITIAL by time out as well. Please inform your authorized persons picking up your child(ren) about our change.

Verifying Pick Ups-If we do not get a call, email, or note stating another person besides parents are picking up your child(ren) (even if they are listed as authorized individuals to pick up), we will call to verify. Please call the site number at 913.893.9301 (office) or 913.961.8546 (cell) if someone else is picking up your child(ren) so that our staff is informed and can attend to the kids. If there is somebody on your authorized individual list that you would like to be able to pick your child(ren) up at any given time please send a signed note/email stating such so we can document and keep the record on file. If there are specific dates that one of the authorized individuals will be picking up your child you may also send a note/email stating that, for example:

- "Grandma will be picking up Suzie after school Mon, Wed, and Fri every week for the remainder of the school year."

-(your signature and date)

Please remember to initial and time your child(ren) in/out daily.

Chiller Dude

Need ideas to keep your child's lunch cool and chilled? Check out these ideas....

  • FREEZE grapes, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, pineapples, mangos, watermelon, melon cubes/balls, pitless cherries, yogurt.
  • FREEZE 100% juice boxes, or fill up a water bottle 1/2-3/4 of the way, freeze, and in the morning fill up rest of the way. These make instant ice-packs and fun cool treats to eat and drink.
  • take a $1 store sponge, moisten it and put in a sealable plastic baggie, throw in freezer and you got an inexpensive, thinner, lighter ice-pack that won't make you upset if accidentally pitched.
***If you have any nifty ideas please share!


Upcoming Closures:

  • Monday, Sept 7th, LABOR DAY, NO CARE


  • Check-In: We will check students in down in the basement for before school care, and immediately following school by the couches located at the entrance of the school. If you know your child/(ren) will not be attending please call us at 913.893.9601(office) or 913.961.8546 (cell) or email me at janni.meierhoff@jocogov.org. If a student has not checked in with us after school, and we have not been informed of your child(rens) absence we will be contacting you. We will also be contacting you if your child has not been properly signed out just to insure the safety of each child.

  • Snack: We are very excited to report that we have taken the Commit to Health Pledge! In doing so, you can expect to see our out of school time participants engaging in more physical activity, learning about good nutrition, and eating healthier snacks while in attendance at JCPRD. Commit to Health is an initiative of the National Recreation and Park Association, and The Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Our staff has worked hard to develop a new food service menu that features items that are nutrient dense, low in fat, sugar, and sodium, as well as more fresh fruits and vegetables. Please support our efforts to help students develop healthy eating habits by encouraging them to be open to trying new foods and by reinforcing the benefits of a nutritious diet. Healthy snacks and meals improve cognitive function, increase energy, and help children grow strong muscles and bones!

  • Homework/Reading time: During the first portion of the day, we get an idea of how many kids need to complete homework before they play. We usually have the kids, who need to do homework work on that after our afternoon snack and outside time.

  • Activities: We will provide various activities throughout each week for your child(ren) to engage in. These activities will incorporate: Science experiments, engineering, arts and crafts, math, nutrition, team building, leadership, and fitness.

  • Outside/Gym Time: We believe it is essential for minds and bodies to have mental health breaks and join in on fitness breaks. Weather permitting we will go outside. JCPRD follows the Gardner school district’s weather policy. Please remember to have your child(ren) layer up and bring a jacket with their name labeled inside it. We will have structured activities for them to do during this time as well as free play.

  • Check-Out: When you come to pick up your child(ren) please remember to WALK IN and SIGN THEM OUT. If we are outside or in the gym, there will be a sign posted on the door. Please check out the signs being displayed. If for some reason you can not find us, please call the site cell phone number and you will be able to reach us!


Sunday, Sep. 20th, 11am-5pm

The Theatre in the Park 7710 Renner Rd, Shawnee, KS 66217, United States

Celebrate 60 Years of JCPRD!

Join JCPRD as we celebrate 60 years of award-winning parks, programs, and recreation during a free event which also aims to showcase all the agency’s various aspects.

We are bringing our community together and celebrating JCPRD’s 60 years of service with our community! So load the kids up in the car or bike or hike on over to JCPRD's The Theater in the Park for a celebration that only comes around once every 60 years! So allow us to THANK YOU for all the support you have given us in these last 60 short years.

Our celebration festivities include:
• Live music and entertainment
• Animals from JCPRD's Ernie Miller Nature Center
• Family-friendly fun activities
• JCPRD Hayrides
• Food vendors
• Beer Garden
• A showcase of other JCPRD departments
• More fun to come…

For more details please visit:


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