madrid, spain

the only place to go on vacation!

lather your taste buds with a sensation that will keep you coming back for more

If your in a rush, and can barely keep your eyes open you can go practically any where to get strong coffee with buttered bread.If you aren't in any particular hurry you can get some churros, churros are basically a deep fried donuts stick that is especially divine dipped in hot chocolate. Dinner is served late because of the siesta, a siesta is a break from work and school that last 2hr. all shops close around 1pm and open around 3pm. For dinner you eat heavy, also meat prices go down in Madrid. Madrid is most commonly know for its sausage which wouldn't surprise me because there are tons of meat in Spain. so go out and try new things, when in Madrid go all out it can't hurt.

What you should know or check out

soccer, golf, tennis, sailing, and other water sports are all beloved hobbies to Spanish. If your not up for any of that you should visit The Teatro Real offers a million choices of entertainment from concerts to classical opera. If you just want to relax and have a quiet place to sit or eat your lunch you might want to go to the Royal Botanical Garden. It may not be the biggest botanical garden but it is surly a great get away spot from the big city, tall buildings and bustling noises. If this doesn't suit your fancy, walk around see what Madrid has to offer you never know.

what? where? why?

What to go to a museum? If so you should check out Prado, which is one of the worlds greatest art museums in the world! Have you ever wondered why the Spaniards hold bullfights? well...Its wait why am I telling you this, you have to find out on your own, so you are not geting that answer from me.So go... enjoy Madrid first hand.

There are many fountains ,and statues in madrid find some thing worth tweeting

El Palacio real De Aranjez the first, this magnificent palace was originally a hunting lodge for Charles the first. But Philip the second saw it more then just a hunting lodge and made it his home. If that isn't interesting enough for you visit Plaza De Orlente it is peppered with spectacular architecture and breath taking street performances happening every so often! If that isn't your style wander around Cibeles it has many attractions near the fountain showing the goddess of fertility in a chariot being pulled by two lions! If you want to see the largest fountain in Spain go to Fuete De Neptuno is a marvelous sight of Neptune. keep searching and exploring Madrid until your hunger for adventure is full!

Get a step ahead

just to be clear Spanish, Castilian, and Castilian Spanish all are the same thing Spanish speaking.One more tip, you may want to polish up or at least try to learn or it will not be a happy trip for you. So always come prepared

Lets get you ready for Madrid

Madrid is perfectly located, its south of the north regions a practical ice cube. And north of the comfortable hot almost dessert, So basically Madrid is in the center of the country.
June, July, and August are the hottest mounts out of the year, reaching to a scorching 90F-100F, with no humidify!January, February, and of coarse December are the coldest mounts reaching a bone chilling 20F to -40F. November and march are super wet and on occasionally snowy reaching 10 in. of snow/rain each mount. So when ever you chose to go to Spain make sure its Madrid.

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