Getting stiches

By Nicole Jarnagin

What happened

Boom!! my chin hitting the side of the bath. I could barley move or talk. Cause of all the pain.

First, my mom told me to go put up some towels. When my sister was up to no good. My went quiet so no one would notice her.

Next, when I went to the restroom and i saw the floor all wet cause of my sister. So I walked in very carefully. But when I was leaving the restroom bang I feel down but before I hit the ground my chin hit the side of the bath. My dad came in a hurry. He saw me in pain so he picked me up. So then he thought I was alright, but he saw droplets of blood coming down my chin. So he knew right away that I needed to get stiches.

So my dad took me to the hospital and my mom was scared for me. So when I walked in and went in to the room. So the nurse told me to calm down. I calmed down after a while she put some medican on my chin so I would not feel the pain. An hour later the doctor came and and she told me to lay down and relax and befor I new it was al over. So when I came home my chin had a little scar.

So after I went to the doctors I felt all better. So I learned to be more carefull when I walk.