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May/June 2022

Parent & Student Newsletter May/June 2022

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Library Happenings

End of the Year Materials Returns

Book returns will start on Friday, May 27th and run through Thursday, June 2nd in the ANHS Library. Please sign up here to bring your classes down to the library. Please do not just collect the books for students or tell them to return the books on their own. This creates accountability issues and a poor book return rate.

Senior Teachers - If possible, please sign up to return your books prior to June 1st! This will greatly help with getting seniors cleared before Senior Breakfast. Thank you!

If students forget their books on the day(s) you have scheduled return times, they may return them during regular library hours from 7:15 am to 3:45 pm. The final day to return books to the library will be June 3, 2022. After that date, books will be returned to the front office and will not be cleared in the library until school resumes in August 2022.

Please remind your students to check their Library accounts for a list of all currently checked-out books (click here for log-in directions). If you can post this link in your Google Classrooms, that would be awesome! It is essential that students return all library books and textbooks before Summer Break. This includes AP Review Books!

Senior Chromebook and Charger Returns

Seniors will be returning their Chromebooks and chargers to the ANHS Library on June 1st, Senior Checkout Day, between 8:30-11:30 am. A SignUp Genius will be sent via Aeries Communications the second week of May. If a senior misses their time, they can return their Chromebook and charger during regular library hours from 7:15 am to 3:45 pm.

Please tell Seniors to check their Aeries accounts for a list of all currently checked-out technology items (click here for log-in directions). Senior teachers - If you can post this link in your Google Classrooms, that would be awesome!

Any seniors with outstanding books or technology will be required to clear their accounts during Senior Breakfast on June 2nd in order to graduate.

Curriculum Corner

Big picture
Stress Management for Educators

Try some or all of these practices to experience a greater sense of well-being and resilience.

Mindfulness for Adults

In honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month, educators need self-care too! Click here for mindfulness tips and practices.

Self-Awareness and Self-Management for Adults

In honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month, educators need social and emotional learning too! Click here for SEL tips and practices.

Feedback for Impact

As the late Grant Wiggins wrote, "less teaching plus more feedback is the key to achieving greater learning." This is as true for educators as it is for the students we work with. Check out the latest issue of EL Magazine. Scroll down to read the online articles.

Technology Tips and Tools

Building Blocks in Google Docs - Workflow Made Easier

Use the @ symbol to build a collaborative email; add notes to a calendar item; easily pull up files from your Drive and tag them in the document you are working on; assign tasks to collaborators by tagging them; insert lists, media, and headings; and easily pull up your favorite editing elements, etc... with Google Building Blocks and Smart Chips.

For the newest collaborative email feature, simply click a button to export the content into a draft email in Gmail, with all the relevant fields automatically populated. This is awesome for co-teachers, club advisors, PLTs, and other collaborative groups. Watch the NewEdTech Classroom video from 0-2:38 mins to see a demo. You can also click here to read more about Smart Canvas, Smart Chips, and Building Blocks from Google Workspace.

Record GIFs with the Chromebook Camera App

A new tool for UDL options:

  1. Open the Camera app
  2. Select Video
  3. Select GIF

Curated Tech Tools

Check out the Library Webpage or Symbaloo for a collection of favorite technology applications in the classroom. From presentations to organization, videos to comics, photos to avatars, the opportunities are limitless for you and your students.

Teacher's Lounge

ANHS Library Calendar

Click here to view my calendar! Simply scroll to the bottom of the page.

Password Resets

If students are having problems with their passwords, please email Amanda Scuka at with their first and last name, their grade level, and their student id number. She will be able to reset it for them. If Amanda is out for the day, you can email Lindsay Jordan at or me at as a backup.

Additionally, students can email the Technology Help Desk directly at

Bookshare and Read & Write for Students with IEPs or a 504 Plan

Any students with 504 or IEPs can access all of their materials in ebook, audiobook, or large print form. Bookshare has an immense collection that includes most textbooks and thousands of free fiction and non-fiction reading materials.

Any teachers or counselors that want to set a student up with Bookshare just needs to let me know who the student is, whether they are on a 504 or an IEP plan, and what their disability is. I can set up an account for the student and assign specific textbooks or reading books or even an entire reading list based on a students' interests (ex. sports books, graphic novels, reluctant reader books, etc...) in about 5 minutes. After setting up an account for the student, I can then share their login credentials with them as well as my tutorials for how to get started accessing their books.

You can email me the student's information, or you can fill out the Bookshare Enrollment Google form for your student(s).

Students with IEPs also have access to the Premium edition of the Read & Write App through the District's site license. I have tutorials for them on how to use the app, and I can also Zoom with them to show them how to use the app in real time if they need any extra help getting started.

Here is the link to my Bookshare and Read & Write App tutorials on my website. Just scroll down to the resource you are interested in.

Chromebook Help for Students

If your students are having problems with their CBs, have them go to this link for help! Students will fill out a Google Form and pick a day to come to the Library and turn in their CBs. They will be given loaners to use until their CBs are repaired.

Cameron's Collection

Recommend these wonderful resources to students who need access to health and wellness support information or utilize for students doing research on mental health topics. Students can download and access these resources from home as many times as they need to. They can also share them with friends! Students can go to to access the link and password for the eBooks, or they can access them through the Library webpage. Thank you for promoting these important resources! Note: Students must be logged into their school account to access the password's document.


Do your students need a vetted source for a school project or paper? They can access, on campus or from home, a variety of quality and credible sources right on the AnHS Library Webpage. All logins are now available on one document. Note: Students must be logged into their school account to access the password's document.

How to Research on ABC Clio Social Science Database

Access student help tutorials for ABC Clio here.

How-to at the AnHS Library

Access student help tutorials for database and Internet searching suggestions or for how to use specific apps, etexts, and our online library catalog. Instructions on accessing current events articles from Gale and WebPath Express are also included.


Find current articles in English or Spanish by visiting the Sacramento Bee News in Education website. Log in as a student using the AnHS Class ID 2843 and password lewis (Note: this login now requires a year long free trial to access). Once you log in as a student select "Read Today's Paper" to choose The Sacramento Bee or El Nuevo Herald. You can also access many other student resources on their website for use in your classroom.

Access to the Sac Bee through the Sac Library

Sacramento Library (Scroll down to Sac Bee)

Apply online for an eCard to access long term or use the following temporary login

Barcode/Username: 23029091921439

PIN: 2004