The Zhou Dynasty

By: JJ

Who were the Rulers?

There were many important rulers in the Zhou Dynasty. One very important ruler was king Wu Wang of Western Zhou. In 1027 B.C.E. King Wu defeated the Shang Dynasty using the thought of the Mandate of Heaven. King Wu was the first ruler of the Zhou dynasty. The last of the Western Zhou was king You. After King You died his son King Ping left the Eastern Zhou period and headed east. Ping was nomadic for a while until he reestablished the Zhou Dynasty in Eastern Zhou. Sadly Ping could not regain western Zhou. The last king of the Eastern Zhou was King Nan of Zhou.

What was the Zhou Dynasty?

The Zhou Dynasty was 786-period extended across family to create noble cities. The main religion in this period was Confucianism. Confucianism was respect for your elders, another common religion was Legalism. People who followed legalism thought many people were selfish and thought no one should be trusted. the Zhou dynasty was divided into two sub-periods the first period was fro 770 to 476 B.C.E. it was called the Spring and Autumn periods. The second period was know as the Warring period from 476 B.C.E. to 221 B.C.E. The Zhou Dynasty was know as the Bronze Age of China.

Where was the Zhou Dynasty?

The Zhou Dynasty took place in two parts of China Western Zhou and Eastern Zhou. Western Zhou was a 272 year long reign and Eastern Zhou was a 541 year reign. Western Zhou was the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty know as the Spring and Autumn period. Eastern Zhou was know as the Shaping period and the Warring period.

When was the Zhou period?

Zhou ruled for 786 years the end of the Zhou reign was in 221 B.C.E. in King Nan's rule. Western Zhou was from (1027-771 B.C.E.) and Eastern Zhou was from (770-221 B.C.E.). Western Zhou Ruled for 272 years and Eastern Zhou lasted 514 years in all that was a 786 year reign which was the longest ruling dynasty in China.

Coo! facts of the Zhou Dynasty

The Zhou invented the kite! The kite made life easier in china during the time, it would entertain your kid, help you communicate, catch food, and made musical sounds! The name Zhou has many names such as Zhou, Chou, and Joh. They also perfected the using of bronze.
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