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Group Arthropods by: Stephadji+Taphara

characteristic of millipedes

* they feed on decaying plant matter and living plants roots.

* they are vulnerable to predators, when they molt.

* they have as many as 200 hundreds pair of legs.

* they cannot move fast, also they are not poisonous and do not have fangs.

* no millipedes has more than 750 legs.

*their vision relies on various combination of compound eyes and pigment-pit


according to research fossil evidence suggest that millipedes were the earliest animals to breathes air and the move from water to land

characteristic of the arthropods spiders


* their venom ca certainly pack a punch , but it is generally not switched for vertebrates( at least certainly not in the northern).

* they prey upon invertebrates.

* they are spiders elsewhere who do prey birds.

* spiders generally have no interest in biting people.

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characteristic and facts about the arthropods scorpion

they have eight legs, two pedipalps and a tail with a venom-injecting barb.

they use the venom-injecting barb to defend themselves.

they prey on insects to survives.

also they are arachnids just like spiders.

they do not have bones , but they have exoskeleton made of chitin.

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Discovery Channel: Spiders
Toxic Millipede:Yellow and Black Millipede Arthropod

more facts

* Arthropods are a highly successful group of animals—they account for over three quarters of all currently known living and fossil organisms.

* When arthropods grow, they must molt their exoskeleton.

* arthropods undergo a transformation called metamorphosis.

* they are cold-blood, which means their body temperature depends on the temperature of the environment surrounding them.


by visiting these link you will find much more info about the group arthropods and other different types of animals that belong to this group, where they are live as well as treatment for when one of these bits you.

one more facts.

scorpions are deadly animal , Their venomous critters kill more than 1,000 people annually. Scorpion mothers are not-so-good mothers. If young scorpions stay on the mother’s back too long, she might eat them.