Faculty Collaboration Agreements

Southridge Senior School 2015-16

As a participant in a meeting, I will….

  • · Arrive prepared, reading & reflecting on agenda, and doing any pre-reading
  • · Be attentive, present & engaged, including setting aside marking, emails, other tasks & issues
  • · Listen actively, giving attention to whoever is speaking
  • · Share, participate, and contribute, freely expressing ideas and giving relevant input and feedback when asked
  • · Be open-minded to new ideas and others’ viewpoints
  • · Follow up on any issues, tasks, or ideas brought up at meetings

As a colleague in a meeting, I will…

  • · Listen actively and kindly to others as they express their opinion
  • · Maintain attention and concentration, only using electronic devices when appropriate and avoiding side conversations and other distractions
  • · Prepare in advance thoughtfully, coming ready to support ideas and other faculty members
  • · Contribute to discussions while not trying to dominate
  • · Be positive, open and respectful of others

As an organizer of a meeting, I will…

  • · Have a clear, well-communicated goal set out in an agenda sent ahead of time to allow for preparation
  • · Ensure all agenda items are pertinent to all participants
  • · Share any background information ahead of time
  • · Stay focussed and efficient, sticking to the planned agenda and prescribed time
  • · Ensure everyone’s voice is heard, while also allowing for moments of silent contemplation
  • · Be flexible and open to new ideas, avoiding preconceived notions
  • · Facilitate effective discussion and foster an atmosphere of collaboration
  • · Record any recommendations and action items and follow up on them, delegating where necessary
  • · Provide treats when appropriate :)