The Board Brief

May 14, 2020

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This edition of The Board Brief is a summary of the information presented and actions taken at the Board of Education’s meeting on May 14, 2020. The monthly Committee and Board meeting took place via teleconference due to COVID-19.



Board Accepts School Improvement Digital Learning Grant

On Thursday, May 14, Board members voted to accept the Title I Section 1003 School Improvement Digital Learning Grant. The District was one of 55 Districts in the state to have schools chosen to receive the grant from the Georgia Department of Education Division of School and District Effectiveness. After a competitive application process, the District’s federally identified schools (Promise, Targeted Support and Intervention, and Comprehensive Support and Intervention Schools) will receive $763,800.

This grant will provide funding toward Apple iPads, Dell laptops and personalized learning training and coaching provided by Education Elements for the following schools: Appling Middle School, Ballard-Hudson Middle School, Central High School, Hartley Elementary School, Ingram-Pye Elementary School, Rileydale Elementary School, Southfield Elementary School, Southwest High School, Union Elementary School, Veterans Elementary School, Weaver Middle School, Westside High School and Williams Elementary School. For more information, click here.

Board Approves of Learning Management System

On Thursday, May 14, Board members approved the purchase and implementation of a K-12 Learning Management System (LMS) to facilitate personalized, blended and remote learning. Due to the unprecedented need to provide continuity of learning and to facilitate learning remotely, the District is seeking to incorporate a K-12 LMS to provide teachers and students with a comprehensive and user-friendly learning management platform. The LMS is a specialized platform that provides the users with a digital learning environment or virtual classroom that consolidates learning tools in one location and is customizable to include district curriculum documents, assessments and course materials. For more information, click here.

Board Approves Virtual Instructional Program

On Thursday, May 14, Board voted to approve the District’s plan to offer a Virtual Instructional Program. The program will provide state-certified and highly qualified teachers to serve as online instructors for students in grades 6-12 that are not currently enrolled in the District. The program will provide full-time virtual enrollment (6 courses) and the Virtual Instructional Staff would be provided by Edgenuity, a K-12 provider of online curriculum. There also will be focused on-site support in CCRPI (College and Career Ready Performance Index) accountability courses. Students in the Virtual Instructional Program will be eligible to participate in extracurricular and athletic activities at their zoned home school. For more information, click here.

Board Members Approve Fuel Purchase

On Thursday, May 14, Board members voted to approve the Transportation Department’s request to purchase propane fuel for Fiscal Year 2021. In April 2017, the Board approved a contract with Ferrellgas LP as the District’s propane fuel supplier for school buses. This will be the final renewal of the contract and the price of the propane is based on a fixed rate throughout the year. For more information, click here.

Board Members Approve Produce Purchase

On Thursday, May 14, Board members approved the School Nutrition Department’s request to issue a purchase order to Bi-City Produce for produce purchases in Fiscal Year 2021. In November 2018, the School Nutrition Department issued a request for proposal for produce items. This is a renewal of the original contract, which is a third renewal of a four-year agreement. For more information, click here.

Board Members Approve Temporary Staffing Renewal

On Thursday, May 14, Board members approved for the Maintenance and School Nutrition Departments to issue a purchase order to Qualified Staffing for temporary employment of employees on an as-needed basis for Fiscal Year 2021. In October 2019, the Procurement Department extended a Request for Quote (RFQ) for temporary staffing. This is the second renewal of a four-year agreement. For more information, click here.

Board Approves Various Personnel Items

On Thursday, May 14, Board members approved various personnel items. For more information, click here.

Board Reviews Policies

Board members reviewed various policies for first or second reading on Thursday, May 14. Policies must be read twice before they may be voted on for final action. To review the policies, click here.

· PR-1 Revision of Policy EEA – Free and Reduced Nutrition Programs (ACTION – Second Reading)

· PR-2 Rescission of Policy EED – Vending Machines (ACTION – Second Reading)

· PR-3 Revision of Policy EE – Food Services Management (ACTION – Second Reading)

· PR-4 Revision of Policy IED – Scheduling for Instruction (INFORMATION – First Reading)

· PR-5 Revision of Policy IFAA – Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption (INFORMATION – First Reading)

· PR-6 Revision of Policy IFCB – Field Trips and Excursions (INFORMATION – First Reading)

· PR-7 Revision of Policy GANA – Infectious Diseases (INFORMATION – First Reading)

· PR-8 Revision of Policy GARHA – Employee Sick Leave Bank (INFORMATION – First Reading)

· PR-9 Revision of Policy GBT – Professional Publishing (INFORMATION – First Reading)

· PR-10 Revision of Policy GCN – Classified Personnel Separation (INFORMATION – First Reading)

Stakeholders are encouraged to review policies posted after first reading and make public comment via Simbli before the proposed policies are brought back before the Board for action the following month. Simbli may be accessed through the District’s website,, under “About Us” and “Simbli.” On Simbli, “Pending Policies” will appear on the right side of the screen.


Board Receives Construction Update on New Schools

On Thursday, May 14, Board members received an update on the status of construction of the new Appling Middle School and Rileydale Elementary School. Both schools, funded by the Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (ESPLOST) are scheduled to open in August 2020. To view the presentation, click here.

Board members also received informational updates in regards to the 2011 and 2016 Capital Improvement Programs, including information on expenditures and encumbrances. For more information, click here.

Board Receives Update from Program for Exceptional Children

On Thursday, May 14, Board members received an update from the Program for Exceptional Children (PEC) in regard to the District’s support of special needs students and families during school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The PEC Department has followed the District’s adopted approaches and provided packets, eLearning, or a combination of the two. Additionally, the PEC Department has followed state and federal guidelines and each parent and student has been contacted once a week. For more information and to view the presentation, click here.

Board Reviews Monthly Financial Report

On Thursday, May 14, Board members reviewed the District’s monthly financial report. For more information, click here.

FY 2021 Budget Work Session Information

Board members previously reviewed Fiscal Year 2021 Budget preparations during a work session on Tuesday, May 12, 2020. To view information from the work session on May 12, click here.

Highlights and Recognition

Students and Staff Recognized for Outstanding Achievements

On Thursday, May 14, Board members received a report of outstanding student and staff achievements presented to the Board of Education for March-May 2020. Due to the sudden closure of schools related to COVID-19, the Bibb County School District has been unable to present outstanding students and staff for recognition of achievement at monthly Board of Education meetings. Additionally, some of the regional/state competitive events planned for late spring were canceled due to COVID-19. These students and staff will be recognized through the District’s newsletter and social media.

Young Georgia Authors – 1st Place Winners Bibb County

Kindergarten - Florene Byars, Vineville Academy of the Arts

1st Grade - Audrey Freeman, Rosa Taylor Elementary

2nd Grade - Shaleece Mitchell, Southfield Elementary

3rd Grade - Rebecca Greenebaum, Springdale Elementary

4th Grade - Angelina Wang, Springdale Elementary

5th Grade - Hugo Vo, Alexander II Magnet

6th Grade - Serenity Parks, Howard Middle

7th Grade - Terrelyn Solomon, Appling Middle

8th Grade - Kiya Williams, Appling Middle

9th Grade - Anthony Worthy, Howard High

10th Grade - Martin Caines, II, Westside High

11th Grade - Brigitte J. Harvey, Howard High

12th Grade - Sparrow Jenkins, Westside High

Young Georgia Authors – Regional Winners

1st Grade - Audrey Freeman, Rosa Taylor Elementary - 1st Place

2nd Grade - Shaleece Mitchell, Southfield Elementary - 2nd Place

3rd Grade - Rebecca Greenebaum, Springdale Elementary - 1st Place

4th Grade - Angelina Wang, Springdale Elementary - 1st Place

5th Grade - Hugo Vo, Alexander II Magnet - 3rd Place

6th Grade - Serenity Parks, Howard Middle - 2nd Place

9th Grade - Anthony Worthy, Howard High - 3rd Place

*Audrey Freeman, Rebecca Greenebaum & Angelina Wang moved on to compete in at the State Level

School Board Appreciation Week

Celebrated March 16-20

Georgia FBLA Region 5 Advisor of the Year

Morgan Jarvis, Howard High School

State Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Council

Brian Butler

Ana Hernandez

Dominique Nichols

National School Nutrition Association

Southeast Regional Representative – Timikel Sharpe

Retirees with 25+ Years with Bibb County

Name, Position, Years with the District and Total Years

Myra Abrams - Dir. of HR, School Nutrition - 32 32

Lorine Adams - Parent Coordinator, Ingram-Pye Elementary - 27.5 27.5

Mary Bass - Teacher, Union Elementary - 44 46

Sabre Bostwick - Teacher, McKibben Lane Elementary - 28 28

Julie Bradley - Asst. Principal, Howard Middle - 30 30

Sabrenai Brown - Spec. Ed. Coordinator, PEC - 30.3 30.3

Gwendolyn Brown - Paraprofessional, Rutland Middle - 36 36

Pamela Carson - Teacher, Union Elementary - 29 29

Sharon Carter - Nutrition Asst., Ingram-Pye Elementary - 25 36

Sherry Castles - Teacher, Rutland Middle - 28 28

Elaine Clowers - Bus Driver, Transportation - 29 29

John Davis - Custodial Services, Northeast High - 46 46

Kimberly Davis - Teacher, Skyview Elementary - 30 30

Melissa Deshazer - Dispatcher, Transportation - 25 27

Beverly Ferguson - Budget Coordinator, Accounting/Title 1 - 29 37

Jennifer Gaines - Teacher, Brookdale Elementary - 25 27

Tracey Harbor - Asst. Principal, Springdale Elementary - 30 30

Sandra Hicks - ESOL Lead Teacher, Rosa Taylor Elementary - 30 30

Sonja Howard - Teacher, Heard Elementary - 28 30

Brenda Lester - Accounts Payable Asst/ Accounting - 25 25

Vickie Logue - Asst. Principal, Heritage Elementary - 30 30

Sherri Marks - Teacher, Howard Middle - 30 31

Cathryn Purvis - Senior Payroll Clerk, Accounting - 31 31

Carole Rawls - Teacher, Heritage Elementary - 31 31

Deborah Searles - Counselor, Southfield Elementary - 25 25

Elizabeth Shirah - School Clerk, Florence Bernd Elementary - 25 25

Priscilla Stanley - Teacher, Alexander II Magnet - 32 32

Bernice Tukes - Site Support Mgr., Central Kitchen - 31 31

Tangela Turner - Teacher, Charles Bruce Elementary - 28 29

Valerie Webb - Paraprofessional, Southfield Elementary - 32.2 32.2

Lori Webber - Teacher, Skyview Elementary - 30 30

Estella Willis - Teacher, Peter G. Appling Middle - 25 25

District Quiz Bowl Winners

Springdale Elementary School - 1st Place

Team Members – Gaines Bryan, Aiden East, Foster Groebner, Jon Emory Hall, Jake Hawkins, Merrill Long, William Martin, Vincent Santamarina, Emma Tillery, Andy Wang, Angelina Wang

Coaches - Judith Kilburg & Kate Lambert

Alexander II Magnet School - 2nd Place

Team Members – Tacoyia Braswell, Matthew Griffin, Charity Harper, Cameron Martin, Waylon

Miller, Chandler Scott

Coaches - Katina Kendrick & Jamita Roach

Rosa Taylor Elementary - 3rd Place

Team Members – Brayden Calderon, Riley Clark, Rebekah Hutto, Jeremiah Jones, Francesca Small, Sean Spell

Coaches - Fadia Hazama & Ericka Weber

GADOE Exemplary English Learner 2020

Natalia Diez, Howard High School

Eli Farriba, Teacher

CTAE Students of the Year

Central High School

Correll Person, Bibb County CTAE Student of the Year

Howard High School

Eric Manson

Northeast High School

Nia James

Rutland High School

Ariel Lawson

Southwest High School

Tezhane’ Williams

Westside High School

Samerica Malcon

Hutchings College & Career Academy

Jalyia Howard

Science Fair Winners

High School – First Place Regional

Joshua Moore, Rutland High Schoool

Tabitha Cantrell, Howard High School

Middle School – First Place Regional

Chloe Andayan, Howard Middle School

*Also 2nd Place Honors & Best in Microbiology category @ Georgia State Science Fair

Ryan Rodgers, Howard Middle School

*Also 3rd Place Honors @ Georgia State Science Fair

Chielsy Garcia, Howard Middle School

Leen Sunnoqrot & Maria Flores, Howard Middle School

Kennedi Jones, Howard Middle School

Abigail Edwards, Miller Magnet Middle School

Julia Israel, Rutland Middle School

Amelia Barefoot, Rutland Middle School

Chloe Bailey, Weaver Middle School

Elementary – First Place State Winners

Sam Howard, Alexander II Magnet School
Parker Johns, Alexander II Magnet School
Neer Patel, Alexander II Magnet School
Savonta Luke, Florence Bernd Elementary School

Chasity Rolland, Sonny Carter Elementary School

Katelyn Cline, Heritage Elementary School
Anthony Horton, Heritage Elementary School
Evann Petway, Porter Elementary School
London Pooler, Skyview Elementary School
Sriram Yallapragada, Springdale Elementary School

Riley Clark – Rosa Taylor Elementary School

Technology Fair First Place Winners

3-4 3D Modeling - Brandon Robinson & Lamario Scott, Alexander II Magnet School

5-6 3D Modeling - October Cavanaugh, Rutland Middle School

7-8 3D Modeling - Adrian Hernandez, Weaver Middle School

3-4 Animation - Jackson Talbot, Heard Elementary School

5-6 Animation - Bruce Sipp & Sydney Pearson, Heard Elementary School

5-6 Audio Production - Jamie Moon, McKibben Lane Elementary School

7-8 Audio Production - Isaiah Jones & Gabriel Smith, Weaver Middle School

9-10 Audio Production - Zackeus Barkley & Jayden Williams, Central High School

3-4 Digital Game Design - Jaylen Pleasant, Southfield Elementary School

5-6 Digital Game Design - Kaden Harrelson & Luke McCoy, Skyview Elementary School

7-8 Digital Game Design - Anthony Hughes, Howard Middle School

9-10 Digital Game Design - Jazmyne Marshall & Alasia Mims, Central High School

11-12 Digital Game Design - Tyler Howard, Rutland High School

3-4 Digital Photo Production - Karen Osornia & Dulcie Vanderhoek, Vineville Academy

7-8 Digital Photo Production - Ryleigh Collins & Abby Hardy, Howard Middle School

3-4 Graphic Design - Corbin Ball, Burdell-Hunt Magnet School

5-6 Graphic Design - Ja’Leah Davis, Burdell-Hunt Magnet School

7-8 Graphic Design - Audrey Sullivan, Howard Middle School

9-10 Graphic Design - Nasir Albritton, Southwest High School

3-4 Internet Applications - Noah Smith, Sonny Carter Elementary School

5-6 Internet Applications - Ameena Rahaman, Burdell-Hunt Magnet School

7-8 Internet Applications - Destiny Butts & Lilian Harper, Miller Magnet Middle School

9-10 Internet Applications - Deniya Jones, Southwest High School

3-4 Multimedia Applications - Autumn Love-Farrar, McKibben Lane Elementary School

5-6 Multimedia Applications - Truth Carter & Destiny Mitchell, McKibben Lane Elementary School

5-6 Productivity Design - Amirah Gibson, Burdell-Hunt Magnet School

7-8 Productivity Design - Chloe Andayan, Howard Middle School

3-4 Project Programming - Betsy Myers & Jude Robertson, Vineville Academy

5-6 Project Programming - Annabelle Brannen & Jeil Crossland, Vineville Academy

7-8 Project Programming - Mitchell Zhang, Howard Middle School

3-4 Robotics - Collina Moore, Heard Elementary School

5-6 Video Production - Braylen Gilbert & Heaven Veal, Vineville Academy