Welcome to Beautycounter!

Congratulations on Becoming a Beautycounter Consultant........Now What?

Eight Steps to a Strong Start

1. Reach out to me, I am your Mentor, I am here to help. Set up a phone call or arrange for a time to meet in person to plan your business strategy. I will walk you through the beginning steps to help you get your business off to a strong start. I am a great resource to help you get going and I am just as excited about your business as you are!

2. Log into your virtual office at http://behindthecounter.beautycounter.com using your registered email address and password you selected during the consultant sign up process.

3. Customize your personal website: upload a photo and personalize your PWS (log in Behind the Counter, on the upper right hand corner you will see your name; hover your mouse over it and wait for the drop down. Click on Edit My PWS to edit your website).

4. Order business cards & extra business aides (we love the "never list" template option). Order the cards through the BESPOKE which you will find by logging in to Behind The Counter and scrolling down on the home page...on the left side. You can also order labels and personalized notecards through there, as well.

Business Aides (catalogs, tip cards, lip brushes, mini sample sets, etc).

Step 1. See what's available to buy. Log into BTC, Tools, search "business aids" and select "Business Aids Lookbook". Open file and print :)

Step 2. Place Order. BTC, Orders, Start a Personal Order, Shop by Category, Business aids or Enter SKU or item name into search box, and add to cart. Voila!

5. Start the Online Training. Our Training Program is called "Counter Intelligence" and can be found in Behind the Counter, under the Training tab. Educating yourself is VERY important.

READ ...Log into Behind the Counter, click "Training", and then "Getting Started" and start going through the training, especially the "Consultant Fundamentals." There are different Modules of Training that shouldn't take you much more than an hour per Module. This offers an excellent foundation from which you can take your business to the next level! You can always click on "Training by Topic" which is highlighted in blue if you want to search under training.

PRINT...Print off your favorite resources that you find online. Invest in a binder...its a great way to stay organized and have your favorite resources on hand. ***TIPs** Print out the PRODUCT TRAINING GUIDE, COMPENSATION PLAN, START COUNTING PROGRAM and anything else you really find useful behind the counter.

WATCH...Be sure to subscribe to the BC YouTube Channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/BeautycounterHQ

as well as Vimeo https://vimeo.com/user22824581/videos

(please note, the Vimeo videos are for consultant eyes only). You can also log into Behind the Counter, click "Training" and type "video" into the search bar. You'll find all sorts of helpful things to watch there, as well.

...We have so many great training and opportunity calls happening on a weekly basis. New consultant training calls, as well as training calls on selling, recruiting, health/safety and more are scheduled by Beautycounter HQ on a weekly basis (check the weekly consultant newsletter that arrives via email every Tuesday for the next call information). You can also listen to some archived calls by logging into Behind the Counter then click on Calls - here is a New Consultant Training Call that was recently led by our Director of Training LeeAnn Ruff: New Consultant Call

...Start to craft your personal Beautycounter story.

Who do you know that would love Beautycounters mission or their products or their opportunity?

Make a BIG list of prospective hostesses, and think about who would be on your "dream team".

6. Join our Facebook Team Page.

Your sponsor should add you to our FB BC Beauties team page.

Our BC Beauties page has several top leaders of the company in there to help train you, give you information, tips and incentives.

This is a great place to gather information, get more training, share ideas and recognize accomplishments!
Please look at "files" at the top of our fb page. There you will find some sample emails, a list of recommended regimes for various skin issues, helpful tips on ordering cosmetics, etc. *Also, if you have a question, please always look up your question in the search bar before posting on the page as we may have already answered your question. You can turn on notifications to see all postings. If you don't want to do that, please try to peek at the page a few times a week to stay apprised of what's happening.

**You may want to "like" the Facebook pages of Beautycounter, our Charitable Partners, EWG, Healthy Child, Healthy World and The Breast Cancer Fund. These pages will provide interesting articles and solid content that you may want to, occasionally, share on your personal FB page.

7. Launch your business. Within your first week or two schedule an open house/social to share your product with friends, family & neighbors. It's the best way to get your feet wet and it's great to work with small groups in the beginning.

*Also, schedule your first two socials within your network and your first few 1:1 on appointments (ask your mentor for details!).

**Send out an email/share the news that you have started a Beautycounter business!

Also, post on FB (if you are on there) announcing your new adventure with Beautycounter along with the Intro to Beautycounter video that really helps to express the Beautycounter story.

***Start a VIP group for your friends and family and fb network that you think would love the Beautycounter products, mission and education on safer beauty.

Create a private closed group, Call it Beautycounter by (your name)? Safer Beauty with (your name), or whatever you think is good :) And you can post in there daily-- or at least 3 days a week to share your business and beauty education in there!

**** Do you like Instagram? Pinterest? Twitter?These all can be HUGE avenues to share your business.

8. Reach back out to your Mentor. Having consistent communication with your Mentor (particularly within your first 30 days!) will have a profound impact on your business. Don't forget to ask for help...that's why we are here :)


Our fantastic compensation plan is our best reward, however, incentives are fun too. See below for the great Start Counting incentives you can earn during your first three months as a new consultant. There are Product Credits, Cash Bonuses (both as a new consultant AND a mentor) and exclusive Beautycounter merchandise! What a great way to start!
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Ongoing Team Communication

Team BC Beauties Live Chat Call: Mondays at 5pm pst, 7pm cst and 8pm est. To participate and ask questions, you go to our team page and you will see Brooke Gray go LIVE ( its a new feature on FB!)

Calls are recorded and information will be posted on Team BC Beauties Facebook page afterwards.

Beautycounter Headquarters Call: Wednesdays at 11am pst, 12pm mtn, 1pm cst and 2pm eastern. Calls are recorded and you will always receive the call in information in the Weekly Consultant Newsletter on Tuesdays.

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