CTL Newsletter

May 6, 2016


3-5 teachers need to make a copy of the constructed response sheet below that was emailed by Caroline and enter in their scores.

This document should then be shared with Caroline

before you leave for the summer.


During post-planning, all of your unit math tests should be discarded in the "shred cans." One can is located in the front office near the mailboxes, and one is in the journey junction workroom with the copy machine.

Science & Social Studies

Next school year (2016-2017) is a "look and learn" year for the new science and social studies standards. The 2017-2018 school year will be a "teach and test" year. An updated scope and sequence will be looked at next year.

New CTL assignments!

Shout out to our new curriculum teachers leaders for next school year! We are looking forward to the energy and excitement you will bring to each of the content areas.

ELA - Andrea Lynch

Math - Helen Psihountas

Science - Nicole Tyra

Social Studies - Diane Johnson

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