Estabrook Buzz

June 3, 2019

Coming Up

Monday, June 3
  • Gr. 3 Field Trip to Old Res
  • Gr. 5 Field Trip to Nature's Classroom - followed by "Night Under the Stars"

Friday, June 7

  • 6:30 End of Year Picnic

Wednesday, June 12

  • Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Thursday, June 13

  • METCO Family Friends Day

Friday, June 14

  • 5:30 Gr. 5 BBQ

Monday, June 17

  • 9:00 Gr. 5 Moving On Ceremony
  • Gr. 1 Day of Fun

Tuesday, June 18

  • LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - 12:15 Dismissal

Principal's Corner

Second Grade Teacher

In addition to the staffing changes listed in last week's Buzz, Kirsten Laicer will move from fifth grade to second grade next year. We are in the process of interviewing to fill openings in third grade and fifth grade.

End of Year Advice

I wanted to share some suggestions that I recently shared with teachers for finishing the school year strong - with some related advice for parents:

1. Stay Positive - Relationships Matter: Regression is normal for this time of year. Try not to take it personally. Call on the relationships you have worked so hard all year to establish. (Parents can help by staying positive and supporting the teacher's message.).

2. Keep the learning going and routines consistent: Our 182 days are precious. Let’s use the time we have. Students do better when routines remain the same. (Parents can help by keeping routines and bedtimes consistent at home.)

3. Mix it up and have some fun: This is a “both/and” with #2. Providing consistency does not mean we can’t have special events or mix it up. Field Day, field trips, special events and projects can help keep things fresh.

4. Take time to smell the roses: As busy as you may be, take time to step back and notice your successes this year and the growth your students have made. And help your students do the same. (Parents can help children notice the growth they have made and reflect on the positives from this school year.).

Let's "finish strong" together!

Rick Rogers

It's June 18. Do You Know Where Your Parent Portal Log-in Is?

End of year report cards will be available in the parent portal on Aspen on June 18. We encourage you to log-in prior to that date to make sure you remember your ID and password. if you have any issues, email If you ask for help in early June, you will get a faster response than if you wait until all parents are trying to log in on June 18.

And you'll want the log-in again in mid-August when class assignments will be posted.

Bravo, Spring Concert!

Field Day Was Awesome!