The Six Stages of Government

By: Sarah Miller


In this flyer, I will be talking about the six stages of government. The stages are (in order) Primitive Communism, Slave Society, Feudalism, Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx was a Philosopher that created Communism. Most people thought he was crazy and lost his mind. He was the person that also came up with the six stages of government and the different societies that would fail and then lead to the next stage of government.

Stage 1: Primitive Communism

This stage was started with hunter gatherer societies and shared property. With shared property, everyone in the group would share everything that they found withe the community. In hunter gatherer societies, The men of the community would go out and hunt for animals to eat, then they would share with everyone. The women would gather edible plants and herbs for the community. This stage ended when people found out about agriculture and that they can just plant things and domesticate animals instead of chasing stuff around the world. They could also just go out into the garden and pick plants and herbs instead of looking everywhere to get a little bit of what they need. Private property also began and people didn't share as much and were greedy with what they had. An example of this stage is in the early Americas, the Native Americans would hunt and gather but then private property came and started the next stage.

Stage 2: Slave Society

Slave Societies were the next stage of government. In this stage, the owners of land would take people in and make the slaves do all of the owner's work and then the owner would get all the money for the work that the slaves did. What caused this stage to end was the owner needed a large work force and the slaves would die or have kids and the kids wouldn't be a slave when they were born and then they would run out of slaves. An example of this stage was when in America, we took people as slaves and then they would die so then we would go and kill our neighbor to then gain their slaves.

Stage 3: Feudalism

Feudalism was the next stage of government. In this stage, There was a king that ruled over everything. But since the kingdom was so big, the king would choose nobels to be in charge of a large group in the country. Once the country ran out of peasants (because they would die) The knights would get ready for battle and then gain more peasants and land. One reason that Feudalism ended was the land and all the people would get harder and harder to protect and they would die because there was so much land and too many people. Another reason Feudalism ended was because there was a class of merchants that would sell all of the goods and start making more money than the nobels so then the nobels got mad and left the country and then there were people running around and being crazy because the king didn't have people in charge of the peasants and the knights. An example of this was in medieval times.
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Stage 4: Capitalism

Capitalism was the next stage of government. In this stage, the owner would run a company for profit. These companies were called Monopolies. Monopolies are companies that offer one resource that people want or need. The owners of these companies could do anything to the price of what they were offering because they owned all of that resource. The reason these people would run those companies is because straight up money homie. The reason Capitalism fails is because the people that do all the work are getting paid for a portion of their work which causes a conflict in the working class and the workers would team up and and take down all the factories and ruin everything. A country that uses capitalism is North Korea.

Stage 5: Socialism

Socialism is the next stage of government. Socialism is the first step of communism. If the practice of socialism works, then the left over pieces of capitalism will be discarded. In Socialism, instead of wages there are Labor Vouchers to show the work. There aren't any examples of this type of government because this stage of government has never been successfully accomplished.

Stage 6: Communism

The sixth and final stage of government is Communism. Communism is the perfect government. In communism, there is no government and there aren't any laws. All of the taxes that the people pay, go back to the people that need the money. This stage of government has also never been done or accomplished properly.