What is Media?

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What is Media?

Media is a tool that allow people to create, share or exchange information, and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Information can now be transmitted across a global community through anything connected to the internet. Media has benefited the world by allowing others to share ideas and by developing an infinite source of data that can be easily accessed by almost anyone; however, this ability to easily access information allows for anyone to obtain information easily. Private information may be leaked which can be used against you. Therefore, media is a tool that empowers everyone with information that can be used in a positive or negative way.

Media literacy is the ability to understand how to use online-technology, being able to analyze and comprehend the data found on media. Information about almost anything may be found through social media. This means that any information is handy at the click of a button and allows the user to be even more connected socially. The social network is a web built through countless numbers of users and become a joint society to provide info, false or true. Being media literate is the skill that enables one to understand the language social media, to be able to socialize and commute on the web.

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What is Dystopia?

The roots of the word dystopia- dys- and topia- are from the ancient Greek for bad and place and so we use the term to describe an unfavorable society in which we live. Dystopia is a huge trend in literature. In recent years, it’s replaced wizards and vampires as the genre of choice for young adult fiction, and grown ups enjoy reading it too. But why has it become so popular? We’re constantly bombarded with images and messages about the world’s problems. News channels and social media feeds show 24-hour coverage of wars, uprisings and protests from around the globe, and tell us statistics on global warming and the possibility of pandemics. We have a better understanding of the world around us, and are more aware of potential crises. Dystopian novels give us the chance to explore fears we may have about the future. They delve into problems we already face in society. We can relate to them, and more importantly, see how they could end up a reality.
Beats by Dre x Colin Kaepernick: Hear What You Want Commercial

Hear What You Want Commercial

In the commercial "Hear What You Want" Beats, a headphone and earphone company, persuades the customers to buy their headphone or earphone because it allows them to hear only what they want. In order to have the viewers-customers-to want to buy their product, Beats uses Colin Kapernick a NFL star who is hated as quaterback because he is unknown player and lead 49ers to super bowl. Beats created a little play where Kaepernick just walks out of the bus in front of many people who is hating Kapernick. Then Kaepernick puts on the beats headphone and mutes all of them listening to only what he wants. Beats targets people that enjoy listening to music and those who does not like getting distracted while doing something. Therefore they came up with the idea where if you put on the headphone you cant hear anything other than what you want to hear. Therefore many athletes and people buy beats headphones.

Reflection on Prince Ea.’s message in “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity.”

I believe the world is depending on technology more than friends, family, and anything in this world we are living in right now. Why? Because as Prince Ea. said “when we can see each other face to face,” we often call them with Skype or face time. Also when you go to family dinner I see bunch of families on their phone texting, posting, or talking when they can have a quality conservation with their families. However, many choose to be on their phone and be more interested in social media than his or her own family. To make sure that this does not become permanent reality, we as people have to put limits on ourselves and try hard to be more connected with people around us. However, many people are addicted to social media and technology that it is really hard to stop it. Even I am who is writing this message is addicted to social media. Because you can connect to everything through social media, but it is bad at the same time because when you gain likes and followers on social media you lose actual friends and connection in real life. I think this addiction is something we can control because we can put limits on our phone data and the use of phone. However, facing the reality I think this is going to be hard because social media is worldwide and even many governments in country uses social media to be connected with different countries around the world. If you look at the statistics on how social media is used every day it’s unbelievable. The worse thing is that the statistics rise every year. When I go to church on Sunday I see a three to five year old kid working iPhone, iPad, and Samsung galaxy tablet. At the age of three to five you are supposed to go outside and hangout with your friends, run around with your friends and explore the outside world. But what I see is every kids sitting down eating candies and playing games or watching videos in Youtube. If social media and technology is not used for goods and we are becoming slave to it, in future human nature is going to disappear and robots will be in charge of this world. Because what can humans do if we become slave to technology? We cannot do anything. Therefore people in this world needs to control themselves on using social media and technology because many of us are benefited through social media but at the same time many are hurt by the social media and technology. Once you post something on social media it will never disappear, because once its saved on technology it is very hard to delete it permanently. People use social media in purpose of making themselves famous or trying to fit into society. That is why we are becoming slave to social media. To stop this we have to find a solution and limit ourselves before it gets even worse than the situation we are in right now.

Life teaching and connecting Journal (Reflection on #4 Smore entry)

Media is a tool that allow people to create, share or exchange information, and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Information can now be transmitted across a global community through anything connected to the internet. My views on Media Literacy is that because of media we are successful and many world improved on connecting with other countries around the world. Because of Media literacy we have the ability to understand how to use online technology, being able to analyze and comprehend the data found on media. My 12t grade language arts class, I learned a lot about reality of this world. I learned intensively on social media, advertising, and Media Literacy. Something that I’ll take this from class is ill take the knowledge of social media on how it can be very beneficial but at the same time it can be very harmful to our life. This language arts class was a lot different from other Language Arts class I took because in other LA class we mainly learned on writing skill, reading skill, and verbal skills. However, this year was mainly about how we are going to connect with the world on social media and how we are going to be in touch with social life in future. I think I can apply all the things I learned this year and use it for my goods in future. In future for this class, I would recommend that when you use smore don’t link it with Facebook or login in through Facebook. Because you will lose all the data. Also I would recommend that the school will update the drop box system. The class wise I really liked the materials we learned and went through. I think I participated in class well and got very interactive on everything we did in class.