Thomas Jefferson


Political Party's point of view

1. Favored states rights.

2. Vote should be open to all adult males.

3. Strict constructionists.

#Demo-Republicans only

Foreign Policies

Foreign Policy was relations with the governments of other countries. It stopped America from getting in wars. America reacted in a bad way. They did not like this foreign policy thing, but they still favored it.This favored Democratic-Republicans. It is important because It limited theamount of issuses from places outside the nations border.

Domestic Policy

Domestic Policy is laws, government programs, and decisions which are directly related to all issues and activities and activities within a nations borders. It limited all issues within the nations borders. The citizens of America did not like this very much. This was important because it limited the amount of issuses within the nations borders but It was a conflict for Thomas Jefferson.

Leadership qualities

1.Thomas Jefferson stayed on task for his Democratic-Republican Party.

2.He didn't try to get in any wars withe other nations.

3.He was able to get the complete the Election of 1800 without any violence. The Election of 1800 was a switch of a party and leadership. Jefferson handled it maturely.