What To Expect..

By Sierra Martin Hr.2

The 1st Trimester of Pregnancy.

When you first become pregnant you will have a lot of changes to your body and hormones. The most common things that will happen to you while your pregnant will be Nausea (Morning Sickness) it can happen at anytime day or night but mostly at night. Tender and swollen breast will occur do to the hormones changing, they will be heavier and bigger, increasing urination will happen because your body will be changing. Fatigue will happen because your hormones will be going crazy! The one thing that happens the most is food craving, you will want everything and anything, mostly greasy food such as pizza, french fries, or cheeseburgers.

During is process your baby will start to have 48 chromosomes, 23 from the mother and 23 from the father. In these process the baby will start to form. the brain, spinal cord, heart and other organs being to form. In Week 6-12 the baby's head, eyes, toes, genitals and fingernails grow or become visiable.

The 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy.

In the 2nd Trimester you will have more and more changes to your body. Your breast and belly will began to grow. All of this may cause stretch marks on your breast, waist, and legs. You will have leg cramps during the night, but they will only occur at night. Your skin will change color, dark spots will come up on your breast and thighs. Vaginal Discharge will occur because it is getting rid of all of the bacteria and yeast that can hurt the baby.

In week 20 is the half way point. Weeks 21-26 the babys hair will grow, finger and footprints will being to show up, the baby will respond only to the Mother and Fathers voice. By this time your baby should be healthy and growing prefectly. No worries at all.

The 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy.

On the 3rd Trimester you will have increase weight gain maybe up to 23-35 pounds. Heartburn will be there because your baby is pushing your stomach up to your heart and which causes it.In the weeks of 28-33 the babys eyes will open, bones fully developed, sexual development continues. The baby will practices breathing, the baby will be able to detect light. Week 34-39 the baby's fingernails will be fully developed, rapid weight gain. The baby is almost that the full term, baby develops a frim grasp and is able to move their fingers, forns anti-bodies, and then one Week 40 your baby will come and you better be prepared for it..

Becoming a Father ?

Becoming a new father can be hard, but yet very exiciting and easy. If your becoming a new father just don't be scared and be happy because your bring a part of you into the world. It may be the most beautiful baby girl or the most handsome baby boy you have ever seen. Here are some tips on how to help or take care of your wife and baby. Make sure your wife is never stressed out because stress can lead to hurtful things to the baby, always be there for her, you have to help her with everything, going to the bathroom, make her food (that heathly for the baby and mom), show her love and affection, let her know that you'll always be there for anything.

You should let your wife get alot of rest it will help her feel refresh and happy. Get involved, rub your hand over the mothers belly and let your child know that your there for them. Talk to your parther, girlfriend or wife, fknow whats gonna happen after that baby is born.