Street Fighter

Elijah Cazubon


Hanoken! That sound is familiar to a lot of people around the world. That sound comes straight from Street Fighter IV. Street Fighter IV is a video game that is famous around the country. Learning the controls is important. Those controls can lead to learning the special moves. Learning the special moves leads to learning strategies.
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First, the controls are super essential to Street Fighter IV. To any video game a fighting game moving is really a priority.The controls are really important in any situation

like if you wonted to move back you to be able to look at the screen.

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Next, the moves in a fighting game are the most called for than any other game. The hammer fist or tornado kick. Are both special moves that is needed for major damage. with out special moves fighting games would be boring.
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Strategies are crucial to every fighting game. If you go all out you have more chances of losing. Figure out what need to do in different situations like when is in the air jump and attack.Strategies can make you win or lose depending how good you are find out what works bast.
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Remember when you are playing a fighting games., including.Street fighter remember to

skim throw the controls and moves some new strategies. Remember to play and have fun

also just like me and video games what are you good at.

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