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Publication 8 : 9/30/2019

Our journey........... #180daysofwhy

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Team Gompers: It's October..It's October...October is HERE!!

Every day, I am blessed to be of sound mind, body, and health. I am also blessed to have TEAM GOMPERS as partners in this #180daysofwhy journey. Thank you for being you!.

October is my favorite month as I get to know first hand how the students are actively engaged and making meaning in their learning environments via informal classroom visitations. I will be speaking and engaging with students on their daily learning intention and how they are showing understanding/mastery toward it. The informal visitations will include feedback notices (electronic) in which you may or may not choose to respond to the notice. My goal is every staff member will receive 1 informal feedback by the end of October. My noticings and feedback are connected to our instructional expectations.

Looking forward to our 1:1 Data conferences this week and hearing the goals and the process to which to attain those goals will be implemented.

October 23 is National Unity Day against Bullying. During the first several weeks there have been a series of bullying behaviors across grade levels. I will host a parent meeting and share the process our site uses for supporting students in these situations on 10/23.

As we have gone G-R-E-E-N....thanks for working through the new process for a K-8 Student of the Month Success celebration.....remember our song "from Kinder to 8th grade we are family".

PS. Don't forget your chairs for the assembly!!

GFS GREEEN: Student of the Month Celebrations

Click Embedded Link for Schedule of Assemblies and Monthly Trait

Building toward Consistency of Instructional Practices and Rigor Expectations

Grade and Department Collaboration - 10/3 @ 7:45

Please click the embedded link to view slide deck/agenda

Instructional Focus Area(s)

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1:1 Data Meeting

The NEW LROIX Data Dashboard

Click the embedded link to view the LROIX video:

This document should be completed prior to the meeting with Dr. Miller. Click the embedded link to view the GOOGLE form for the data meeting:

Click the embedded link to view the Google doc for the schedule:

LBUSD, School Deadlines, Protocols and Structures......

ES PE Certification

Room 12 is going to be "rededicated back" to ES PE Room. Please allow for about the middle of October for it to be in tiptop shape for active use.

PE Pacing Guides...Click the embedded link:

The forms for the year are located in the Google Classroom. The 1st certification document is due 9/30.

U6: Caring Culture and Climate through R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P-S!!!!

In order to really develop relationships to support all GATORS, we must explicitly and effectively engage students in social-emotional learning. Our message to students, along with our actions and interactions can make a BIG impact! We all grow and thrive in a positive environment!

Talking 1 on 1 w/ Students:

School Leadership...........

Official Votes must take place...please cast your ballot

To ensure we are following negotiated contract language and or federal guidelines, cast votes for the staff members who identified they are interested in supporting the school on these committees:


Stacee Evans

Cindy Estrada

Sheila Duran

- Teacher Council (ELEMENTARY rep)

Eric Patterson

Ballots are in your teacher box, submission of ballot in the workroom identified folders.

FYI, Below are the $ allocations to Gompers.

LCFF is encumbered with CIE expenditures from SSC in May 2019, other allocations will be a part of collective needs based on achievement data.
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Gompers IEP Calendar

Click Link to access

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Please join the Gompers PTA..they do so much for our school. $10..Our goal is 100% for staff!!!

Happenings in Gompers K8 Community

Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It will also be available on our school's website.