Holmquist News and Notes

September 19th - September 26th

Welcome to Week 5! The weeks are passing by so quickly and the level of instruction is improving. Below you will see that your efforts are definitely paying off from the feedback we receive from district walkthrough. I know you all are reluctant about grade level walks, however you all should be proud of where you are instructionally this year. As we move into Week 5 continue to set clear expectations for your students while maintaining a positive relationship. You all are the best and I'm glad you are a Holmquist Hummingbird. Enjoy your weekend.

Bulletin Boards

All bulletin boards should be updated with student work! Please do so by Monday.

Shout Outs

  • Ms. Chowdhury received 3 IPADS from Donors Choose. Way to go Ms. Chowdhury
  • PK/K PLC went extremely well. Great job facilitators and grade level teachers
  • District LA specialists did a campus walkthrough and they were impressed with what was happening during small group instruction and your classroom environment. They were really impressed with kinder and the fact that your students were in rotations!
  • Ms. Amador and Ms. Valdez for solving a custody issue Thursday.
  • Mr. Stewart took the initiative to grow himself professionally at the Lunch and Learn training on small group instruction. Way to go Mr. Stewart
  • Ms. Moran did an outstanding job with the Family Center Grand Opening
  • Ms. Rodriquez for always supporting all of our events and contributing her talents.
  • One of Ms. Serralde's students wrote a letter saying that he really enjoys Ms. Deal's class. That made her day
  • Ms. Cheng is on the (special programs) research team for the ADI committee
  • Ms. Ellis started another great bulletin board
  • Ms. Chalupsky and Ms. DeSauto for facilitating PLC and helping teachers with their goals.
  • Lunch and Learning-Thanks to R. Stewart, Harris, Bryant, Williamson, and Payton for attending! Your participation in the session was great!

  • From Ms. Siddiqui
  • Teachers at all grade levels for tagging students for breakfast
  • ILT for helping provide coverage for lunch and learn
  • Ana and Veronica for organizing a great FAME grand opening
  • Petra Hernandez for helping distribute breakfast tags to all lower grade classroom
  • ELA teachers for all that they do every day, impressing district personnel as they walked through earlier this week

Looking Ahead

Sunday, September 18th

Happy Birthday Aimee Morrison

Monday, September 19th

EDC 20

Team Leader - 3:40 p.m.

Happy Birthday Ms. Costello

Put up student work on outside bulletin boards

Tuesday, September 20th

EDC 21

Principal Cohort

Wednesday, September 21th

EDC 22

ABC Meeting - 3:40

Open House Dr. Reyna, Mr. Tobon and Ms. Curry

Lockdown Drill

Thursday, September 22nd

EDC 23

Data Meeting with Natalie- 1:30

Principal Meeting

Open House for grades PK-4

Friday, September 23rd

EDC 24

Fly Party Names Due to Counselors

Happy Birthday Mr. Revenaugh

Happy Birthday Ms. Hudson

Saturday, September 24th

Lead Teacher Meeting

PK Training

Happy Birthday Mr. Bryant

Happy Birthday Ms. Day


Monday - PK/K

Tuesday - 1st

Wednesday - 2nd

Thursday - 3rd

Friday - 4th

Are You Coachable? - Time to Reflect

You don’t know everything.
You do know that, don’t you?

Other people have gone before you and can help you get to better places faster. But only if you’re coachable.

To be coachable is to be…



It means you listen with the intent to learn rather than to show what you know.

To be coachable is to lack arrogance and defensiveness … to minimize pride and ego … to let go of the need to be the smartest person in the room.

To be above coaching (development help) is to stagnate or atrophy (waste away) … and in many cases, to be dismissed. To know everything is to be un … believable.

(Many people at the top of their game understand and embrace the value of a coach.)

Leaders: How much development attention are you giving to your team? 20% of your week would be a full day of nothing but development time. 40% would be two full days from beginning to end.

Individuals: Don’t have a coaching manager? Consider finding a development or accountability partner. At a minimum, invest 10 minutes a day reading something that can help you in your effort to keep getting better professionally.

On Time Club - Jeans on Wednesday, Pick up pass from Amy!

Dennison, I. Martinez, Tandon, Ventura, Alexander, Dabney, Baez-Salazar, A. Curry, Reyna, Payton, E. Rodriquez, Y. Sanchez, Karouni, Chowdhury, Owusu, Serralde, E. Martinez (2nd), Hite, Huynh, Nyan, Amador, Glover, Pitrucha, Day, M. Stewart, Kucharski, S. Sanchez, Chavoya, Costello, Jackson, Carter, Revenaugh, Alfred, Curry, Sallee, Monroy, Russell-Walker, George, Hudson, Cavazos, Eberle, A. Walker, Ellis, Hernandez, Maciel, Lopez, Gresham, Moran, E. Martinez (PK Aide), Valdez, V. Rodriquez

Language Arts Feedback

The LA walkthrough on Tuesday went great. We got a lot of positive feedback about all grade levels. The walkthrough focus was reading literacy stations and small group. Specifically they noted the following:

  • Impressed with the routines and procedures that were already in place and it was only the 4th week of school!

  • It was evident that teams planned together.

  • Literacy stations were engaging and meaningful.

  • Classroom environment including anchor charts, word walls, etc. showed evidence of students learning.