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Six Week Additional Update for Parents & Students

Keeping You in the Loop

Wow! I cannot believe half of our school year is over. It's been a whirlwind! I want you to know that I am honored to be your child's teacher. I take this "job" very seriously and I care deeply for your kids and their success with reading. That said, please do not hesitate if ever I can help you from school in any way. I'm only an email or phone call away!

We are in the middle of our inference study and I think the students are enjoying it. We have been using old Super Bowl commercials, comic strips, photographs, and written texts to infer. The main things I'd like the students to gather from our in-depth look at this topic are:

  • An inference becomes a personal opinion when you do not show proof (text evidence) of your thought.
  • Every inference must be backed up with text evidence (clues) and schema (background knowledge/past experiences).
  • Although many of the answers on the STAAR test can be proven within the text, the BEST multiple choice answer will always be the one with the most text evidence to support it.
Every day the students are practicing analyzing inferences to ensure they are choosing the BEST answer choice and proving they are correct by showing proof using text evidence.

For Kids... (& Parents if you need a review)

Making Inferences

Update on Reading Plus

We recently began small group instruction on our computer lab days. What that means is one week your child is solely on the computer completing his/her typical Reading Plus activities; the other week your child is working in a small group over a specific text targeting their reading problem areas. During the small group time, students read, discuss, and write about the book they read. This is where their weekly grade is generated. Students using the computer for Reading Plus instruction are still graded on the completion of 4 SeeReaders and 2 ReadArounds. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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