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People are more aware than ever that their home could be a target for intruders and thieves. Defending property is never an easy task, but when it comes to a home the owner needs to strike a perfect balance between being secured, and ensuring that the property is still family-friendly and welcoming. While a shop owner can draw down a large metal sheet to prevent windows and doors being broken into, a homeowner is less able to shut up their property in such a severe way. One way to manage that balance is with the addition of screens which are designed to protect the home while still looking attractive.

Homeowners considering the type of defence they need for their property often don't realise the benefits that screens can provide. When you attach security screens, windows are not only protected against intruders, but they can also prevent UV light from coming into the home and will also exclude pests such as insects and small creatures. The best screens are fitted into the property, cut exactly to size so there is not even a small gap between the screen and the window. This means that intruders have less chance to get in.

The screen is designed to fit inside the window, meaning that you can open up the window itself while still being secure. This is perfect for hot weather, since the mesh is permeable and allows draughts to flow through the house, keeping it cool. Around 60% of light is allowed into a room, so there is good visibility while still preventing harsh light from falling onto floors or furniture. By keeping light at this level, the owner is actually helping to avoid fading or damage to their possessions. The screens also protect against bugs and other unwanted pests, which can be a big problem during the summer months. Keeping out these bugs ensures the safety of family members, and means that there is no need for insect traps or spray.

When it comes to installing security screens, windows are not all the same. There are several different styles of window, all of which need to be fitted with a mesh which exactly fits into the window shape. For example, sliding windows, where half of the pane can be slid over the other to allow ventilation, needs to have a mesh that can fit securely across a wide area. Windows in awnings also need to have screens fitted securely to prevent intruders from accessing the window where it meets the awning. Security teams can closely fit the device into the windows, pushing the frame as close as possible to the window in order to prevent intruders from entering your home.

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