Australia, New Zealand, Oceania


  • Kokakos are small birds that have short and round wings.(ARK)
  • They are part of the wattle-bird family.
  • Kokakos have wattles, which are the colored flap of skin that hangs beneath the beak.(KCC)
  • Kokakos are about 38-50 cm.(ARK)
  • Kokakos have a unique characteristic where they "sing" songs like deep bells ringing for communication. In order to do this they flap their wings and use their voice to make these noises.(KCC)
  • Kokakos buzz and screech to communicate.(ARK)
  • Kokakos can live for up to 40 years.(KCC)

Food Chain

  • Kokakos are herbivores and they find their food in trees.
  • Their predators are rats, possums and stoats.
  • Kokakos prefer fruits but they also eat leaves, insects and fruits.(ARK)


  • Kokakos live in the tall podocarp trees in the forests of New Zealand where the climate is temperate.


  • Kokakos have strong legs which lets them have the ability to leap to one branch to another to find food.(ARK)
  • They defend their territories by singing and chasing away other Kokakos.(KCC)

Critical Information

  • The Kokako is endangered because the forest trees in which they live in are being cut down by humans for farmland.(ARK)
  • Also, Kokakos are easy preys to catch since they do not fly very well compared to many other birds. (KCC)
  • People are currently working on controlling the pests which may result in saving many Kokakos.(ARK)

Tiritiri Matangi Island Birdlife January 2012