Hydroelectric Power

Using water as a resource

What Is Hydroelectric Power?

Hydroelectric power is a dam that produces electricity. Water goes through the intake and flows through the penstock which then takes the water to a turbine. Then the turbine pushes the water into the river (outflow).

And this is all powered by a generator, which the generator is powered by long distance power lines.

Materials etc.

It's takes about 4-7 years to build a hydroelectric dam.

Materials Needed:

  • Turbine
  • Generator
  • Powerhouse
  • Transformer
  • Control Gate
  • Power lines

Effect on Humans

  • The lake that forms behind the dam can used for water activities
  • People living near the dam would have to move incase of a flood

Long Term Effects

  • If affects migration patterns for fish
  • It increases the evaporation to the atmospherest

Technology of Water Being Used

  • The dam is renewable
  • Can shut the gates to conserve water when needed

Surrounding environment

Positive effect on environment:

  • They do not pollute the environment
  • It's a clean source of energy

Negative effect on environment:

  • Fish and other organisms can be killed going through the turbine
  • Flooding that could destroy natural environments
  • It is also very expensive to build ()

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