Inherit The Wind

Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Scopes "monkey trial"

John scopes, a high school teacher, teaches evolutionism in 1925 which is illegal in Tennessee. He goes to court and is fined $100 which sparks a conflict between evolutionists and creationists whether science or religion should be taught in school.

Inherit the wind summary

Bertram crates gets thrown into jail for teaching his students about Darwin's theory of evolution. Rachel Brown who is the daughter of the reverend helps Bert and tell him to plead guilty. Bert's defense is a fellow friend and agnostic Henry Drummond. Rachel is torn to either help her father or help Bert but she ends up helping Bert. Bertram is found guilty but only gets a fine of $100. The platant defense is mad and wants to make an example of Bertram. The defendants lawyer takes it up to higher court which makes him pay $500.

Author background info

Laurence was born July 14, 1915 and Robert was born October 15, 1918 they both moved to New York City to become part of the theater. They ended forming a partner ship and making many plays together which won awards. Their main characters usually fight against bigotry and censorship as that is what they both strongly disagreed with. Together they made a total of 11 plays