battle of neuve chapelle

come and visit us on march 10-15 1915 in artois france

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what happend ?

in 1915 on march 10-13th in the artois region france the british tactical won the battle , the british empire had inda and the uk with 4 divisions , the german empire had 2 divisions the british empire lost about 7,000 men from the uk and about 4,000 from india and the german empire lost about 10,000 men

generals of the battle

field marshal john denton pinksone french ,1st earl of ypres , known as the viscount french between 1916 and 1922, was a british army officer. He distinguished himself commanding the Cavalry Division during the second boer war , became chief of the imperial general staff in 1912 but resigned over the curragh incident and then served as the first Commander-in-Chief of the British expeditionary force for the first year and a half of world war 1 before serving as commander-in-chief, home forces then becoming lord lieutenant of Ireland in 1918, a position which he held throughout much of the Irish war of independence

erich von falkenhayn

General der infunterie Erich von Falkenhayn (11 September 1861 – 8 April 1922) was a German soldier and chief of the general staff during the first two years of World war 1 He became a military writer after World War I


40,000 Allied troops took part during the battle and suffered 7,000 British and 4,200 Indian casualties. The 7th Division had 2,791 casualties, the 8th Division 4,814 losses, the Meerut Division 2,353 casualties and the Lahore Division 1,694 losses.German casualties from 9–20 March were c. 10,000 men.The 6th Bavarian Reserve Division lost6,017 men from 11–13 March, Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment 21 losing 1,665 casualties, Infantry Regiment 14 of the VII Corps lost 666 troops from 7–12 March. Infantry Regiment 13 lost 1,322 casualties from 6–27 March.

British Artillery
Neuve Chapelle
(10–13 March 1915)[1]

Gun type Number shells

13-pdr 60 600

18-pdr 32 4410

4.5-inch how 54 212

60-pdr 12 450

4.7-inch gun 32 437

6-inch how 28285

6-inch gun 4 400

9.2-inch how 3 333

2.75-inch gun 12 500

15-inch how 1 40

where to eat ?

La Fringale

18 Rue du General de Gaulle, 62690 Aubigny-en-Artois, France

03 21 59 27 88

fun things to do in neuve chapelle

go and see parc mosaic!

Rue Guy Mocquet, 59263 Houplin-Ancoisne, France

the battle feild of neuve chapelle

this is a historical place of the " battle of neuve chapelle memorial

Rue du Bois 62136 Richebourg France