Lineville Technology 6th Grade

Cora Chase :)

Typing Web (Intro to Technology)

When we got to Technology class, we would get our things and type for five minutes. We had three stages, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Practice. Since we are 6th graders we started in Intermediate and moved on to a higher stage in the typing page.


We had to make a preview of anything we wanted. We had to use steps and take our own pictures of the things we want. Like board games, Family, dinner..etc. This project is one of the funniest and most enjoyable ones I've ever done. I guarantee you'll enjoy this lots.

Haiku Deck

This Project we had to use on our dream jobs then share them with the class. You have to use Haiku Deck. You can look up pictures on Google or use their pictures. You have to find all the information about your job. College fees and more information about your favorite job!

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an app to give a tutorial to people on how to do something. I sorta like it cause you can record then present your tutorial or something you thought was cool to other people. this app is perfect for presenting along with Haiku Deck.

Career Locker

Career Locker is a certain thing on where you can get lots of information about the job you want. It starts from categories to College Fees and how much you get paid. The job i chose you can get paid up to $24,000 - $70,000. you can learn about as much as you want from any job in America.


Coding is a fun thing on where your supposed to learn how much code one thing on a computer takes. Like since I typed something. It could be over hundreds of code just to type one word or letter down. Code is fun because once you get to the artist stage you can make a lot of cool arts.